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Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Properties

Since long time, people have been in search of the product that can bring back their younger look or can retain the younger look. Earlier people used all kinds of substances onto their faces and their bodies like oil, creams, and clay, honey, and milk just to keep their youthful looks intact. Luckily, today, you do not need to do so many things instead you can just apply a thin layer of cream to look young and fresh.

Daily Moisturizing Complex by Luminesce is an effective, daily facial cream with potent anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties. It comprises of ingredients like apple, watermelon extract, and lentil that offers intracellular hydration which preserves the bounciness and moistness of the skin. The manufacturer of this cream is Jeunesse Global which is a worldwide skincare company that aims to assist individuals attain their top prospective in youthful appearance through a fit lifestyle. The company mixes advance sciences to make a product system that increases the total condition of the skin at a cellular level. By focusing on the prolonged existence and health of cell regeneration, this company claims that the discipline behind their product line can help people enjoy a young and a more vibrant looking skin.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of using Daily Moisturizing Complex by Luminesce:

This skin cream when used on a day to day basis can prevent many skin problems and help to improve your complexion as well as the skin tone. Below are some of the main advantages:

  • The presence of green algae extract in the product prevents from the harsh UV rays of the sun from penetrating into the skin
  • The cream contains essential vitamins like vitamin C which helps to enhance skin tone and lessen age spots and blemishes and acnes
  • The presence of red seaweed extract helps to trap hydration in the skin; thus giving it a more hydrated and shiny look
  • Provides quick and long term hydration that decreases fine lines and wrinkles especially nearthe eyes and lips in minutes
  • As the product is free of parabens and oils, it can be used on all skin types such as normal, oily, dry and sensitive
  • Assists prevent the appearance of ageing by endorsing a radiant complexion

The experts at Jeunesse understand that your skin is a valuable means, and protecting it is vital to maintain a younger-looking, more glowing skin. Thus, they have come with products like Daily Moisturizing Complex by Luminesce that can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and other possibly damaging elements which have the potential to damage your skin and accelerate the ageing procedure.

By switching to this brilliant daily moisturizing complex facial cream, your skin can be transformed into a smooth, healthy and younger looking area. This is because the vital nutrients and elements in the cream penetrate deep into the skin when applied and help to maintain the essential hydration and gives the necessary protection.

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Pine pollen has been used in numerous parts of the world as folk medicine for its various benefits on wellness and health. Testosterone provides men secondary sex male features and it is manufactured in the body as primary male hormone. Raw pollen has been extracted from the sperm (male) of pine trees.  A yellow color powder substance is there on the male pine trees that look similar to miniature corncobs and the very tiny pollen grains (of that yellow color dust) blow in the air and then for using in the commercial usage they have been harvested.

Pine pollen is an androgen and is considered to be a super food. It not only helps in boosting the endocrine system and immune system health and functions but also contains various components such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), testosterone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Many of natural products already have testosterone, DHEA and an antioxidant glutathione.

High levels of phytosterols, androgens as well as testosterone are there in the pollen that are perceived better for promoting a balance between the two sex hormones such as estrogen and androgens. It helps in skin care, anti aging benefits, improving the immune system and its functioning and detoxification of toxins from the human body as they are believed to be packed with various nutrients. More importantly it helps in enhancing the balance of endocrine hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

Testosterone is basically a primary male hormone whereas estrogen is a primary female hormone. As male produces small amounts of estrogen, it is surprised to know that females also produces small amounts of hormones. There should be proper balance to be maintained carefully in all the hormones that are found within the human body. Regardless of the type of hormones there is a great impact on the effectiveness and functioning of various hormones as well as various body organs and body system.

The body builders and athletes use natural dietary supplements in order to improve strength endeavors and building muscle, helps in weight loss and increase the testosterone levels. It has been marketed that it has real male hormone in genuine androgenic form (same hormone chemical structure produced by the body). Depend on the manufacturer and the brand pine pollen is a source of protein. It contains two dozen amino acids, dozens of vitamins, minerals, hundred enzymes and essential fatty acids. The consumption more than the normal range has high potential of various side effects as increase in estrogen can lead to various unpleasant adverse effects such as increase in aggression, development of male breasts and moodiness.

If the person wants to use testosterone and pine pollen then he must start with one so as to consider the safety. Never mix the two (testosterone and pine pollen) as the body can react according to the mg strength of the supplement. Boosters have ingredients that can boost the production of hormone in the body through glandular and pituitary support.

Choosing The Best Drug Test Kit For Your Workplace

When it is about workplace drug screening, not all kits are created equal. There is a very sophisticated and refined degree to technology that goes into the manufacturing of these drug testing kits and, just like all products, there are ways that corners can be cut to bring down the cost, generally at the detriment of quality. So what are the effects of using a poor drug screening solution, and what can you look out for to ensure that you are using a quality kit?

False Positives

A false positive is generally caused when the test kit reacts with a legitimate drug that an individual may be consuming due to a certain health condition. When this occurs it can lead to embarrassment to the person, possibly even spoil their career and waste a lot of money in spending the samples away for laboratory tests.

A quality drug screening kit will certainly offer a lower rate of false positives as it is mainly designed to be as particular as possible to the drug that you are screening for. If you see a large number of false positives in your workplace, chances are that the manufacture has considered using generic components which are less particular.

False Negatives

False negatives take place when a drug which has been consumed by an individual and is not picked up by the drug screening kit in use. There are various factors which perhaps be causing the false negatives:

  • The person has added an ‘adulterant’ to their sample
  • The level of drug in the individual’s system is just too low for the screening kit to detect
  • Inferior materials are used in the manufacturing of the kit and the drug is has not reacted as it should
  • Choosing the best kit

Is Your Drug Kit Certified?

Before you buy a drug testing kit, you need to check if it is certified or not. Certification certainly offers guarantee of the quality as some of the manufacturers switch to lower quality components after it has passed. These modifications perhaps mean that the kits are less effective compared to the one that was tested for the certification.

Make sure your drug testing kit manufactured in the USA must meet the strict FDA requirements. The USA manufactured kits always use the same materials. This creates reliability between the batches and the different versions that pass the certification is likely to be the same that is for sale even years after they get the tick.

If you are concerned about the quality of the drug testing kit, offers you with a wide range of high quality but affordable kits which are manufactured keeping in mind the high standards.

Essential Oral Health Tips for a Great Smile

We all know how important good oral care is for our general health and with the technological advances we have enjoyed in the past few decades, oral hygiene has become more efficient and easier to perform. The toothbrushes of today are able to reach those nooks and crannies in our mouths, and toothpaste now contains ingredients that fight tooth decay. There are things one can do to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and here are just a few.

  • Annual Examinations

No matter how well you look after your teeth, many dental issues do not become apparent at first, and with regular examinations, your dentist can pinpoint any issues and recommend the right treatment. Always look for affordable dental services in Nottingham with an online search before choosing the right dentist for you.

  • The Right Toothbrush – Perhaps the most important item for your oral hygiene is your toothbrush. Walking through a supermarket, it is easy to get confused, with row upon row of toothbrushes of all shapes and colours. Some have hard bristles, and often people mistakenly think that hard bristles will clean teeth more effectively, while hard brushes tend to damage our delicate gums. A medium toothbrush with a small, narrow head is the ideal solution, and with correct brushing techniques, you can remove a large majority of bacteria.
  • Floss Daily – Flossing gets in between our teeth, an area that brushing cannot reach, so it is important to floss on a daily basis. The ideal time to do this is before going to bed, although many people will floss after every meal and this is a good idea, as the longer trapped food remains in your mouth, the more damage it can do.
  • Tongue Care – Often completely overlooked, your tongue is a lot more that a host for your taste buds, as it is also a major cause of bad breath. Most modern toothbrushes have a device on the rear side that can be used to brush the tongue. You should never use your toothbrush bristles to clean your tongue, but a nice helping of toothpaste will help to remove bacteria, and the best time to do this is at the end of the brushing process, when your tongue will already have a liberal coating of toothpaste.
  • Use a Mouthwash – There are many products on the market today, with all sorts of flavours and colours. Some contain alcohol, while others do not, and if you want to be sure of using the right one, ask your dentist for a recommendation next time you are there. In the event you are looking for a dentist, there are dental services in Nottingham that offer a range of treatments, and with the latest cutting edge technology, you can have your teeth professionally cleaned.

The important thing to remember is to brush your teeth after every meal, and if you get into the habit of good oral hygiene, your dentist will be happy when he or she sees how healthy your teeth and gums are.

Temporary Medical Insurance: All you need to know about it

These are an alternate option to the usual long-term or Normal medical insurances. These are considered when it is not possible to opt for the long term insurances for certain reasons. You can also opt for it while you are still a trainee in your office or in college. But a medical insurance is a very important part of our lives. These are some of the basic points about the Temporary medical insurance that you should know:

  • If opting for Short Term Medical Insurance is correct or not:  Temporary Medical Insurances offer temporary services for the amount of time the help is required. It is generally known for filling “gaps.”
  • If these are available for families: Yes, under the short term plans, spouses and other members can be covered. But the family members should meet all the requirements that are required.
  • How quick it is: The insurance is applied as soon as your application reaches the office. But you can also opt for a date according to your choice if you don’t need it immediately.
  • Prescribed Drugs: There are several kinds of plans under these plans. Some of them offer the facility of covering the prescribed drugs; some don’t. So be careful while you chose your plan for the insurance.
  • Present Doctors: If your current doctor falls under the network the insurance plan you are opting for then yes it is covered by the Insurance Company only. Also, some plans don’t include the doctors, so it won’t matter if the doctors fall in the network or not in that case.
  • Affordable Care Act: The temporary medical insurance plans don’t fall under the Affordable Care Act. So while you are choosing the type of Insurance make sure to keep this point in mind.
  • Early Cancellations: Temporary Medical Insurance plans can be canceled at the moment you feel it is not necessary anymore. This won’t need any penalty. Also, any premium that is already paid beyond the cancellation time will be refunded.

These are some of the basic about the Temporary Medical Insurance plans and the points that you should know and remember while you decide a proper plan and type of insurance.

5 Things Locum Psychiatrists Should Know about Notes

Psychiatrists in any clinical setting have to take notes in order to properly care for patients. Locum psychiatrists encounter a special challenge here, given that they don’t see patients for years on end or even work at the same facility for an entire career. It can be hard for locum psychiatrists to know what to include in notes they know will be passed on to permanent placement doctors at the end of the assignment.

Writing for the Psychiatric Times, doctors Awais Aftab, Samantha Latorre, and Sarah Nagle-Yang put together a ‘Primer for Psychiatry Residents’ that was published on January 12 (2017). It is an excellent post that offers a lot of valuable content that residents and locum psychiatrists alike can benefit from.

Based on that post, here are five things that locum psychiatrists should know about notes:

  • 1. The Purpose of Taking Notes

The purpose of taking notes as a psychiatrist runs far deeper than just keeping track of what you talked about with the patient. Notes serve four very important purposes:

  • they are records containing clinical information necessary for future treatment;
  • they are tools of communication with colleagues;
  • they provide important data for billing purposes; and
  • they serve as a record in the event of litigation.

These four purposes provide a basic outline of what kinds of information psychiatry notes should contain.

  • 2. There Is No Specific Format

The psychiatric profession has never established a specific format for note-taking. Locum psychiatrists should not get hung up on format to any degree, and they need only pay attention to format if the facility they are currently working at requires uniformity. Otherwise, notes can be a combination of narrative, bullet points, and even references to external sources.

  • 3. Brevity Is a Valuable Commodity

As with any other form of medicine, psychiatry is a time-consuming practice. Furthermore, time is limited. Locum psychiatrists should understand that their colleagues and employers have neither the time nor interest in reading long-winded reports that contain a lot of words without saying anything valuable. Locums should learn to love brevity. Brevity is a valuable commodity in the world of medicine, and one that a lot of doctors could use more of.

  • 4. Medical Rationale Is Necessary

When a locum makes changes in patient medication, it is important for that doctor to explain the rationale behind his or her decision. Changes in medication could lead to unintended consequences, so documentation must be clear and concise in this regard. Where black box medications are recommended, doctors should engage patients in detailed and frank discussions while documenting those discussions by way of notes.

  • 5. Stick with Standard of Care

Lastly, locum psychiatrists should stick with the standard of care when writing notes. In other words, colleagues and employers will have no interest in information outside of the scope of standard care unless that information is especially pertinent to the case. There is no point in getting into speculation or unproven methods of care as a locum. If such discussions are appropriate for a particular case, they are better left to those doctors who will eventually be providing long-term care.

Note-taking is a regular part psychiatry that cannot be avoided. Taking good notes is something every locum psychiatrist can learn with a little bit of practice and the tips listed above. Moreover, employers and colleagues will come to appreciate the locum who masters note-taking skills. Good notes can mean the difference between a positive reputation as a locum tenens Psychiatrist and a reputation of being merely adequate or completely ineffective.

Do you want to increase your body mass at quite a rapid rate? Here is how you need to deal with the legal steroids

There are a lot of people all over the world who would love to increase their muscular mass and yet stay fit, strong and cool. When this is the case even with the common men folk and the women folk, can you even imagine the importance of body building, muscular gain and physical fitness when it comes in the context of the life of the athletes and professional body builders? Of course, the above mentioned factors in connection to physical fitness are even more important when it comes to the matter of the life of the men and women of sports, athletes and professional body builders. Along with the dieting process in terms of food and regular exercises, these people tend to take up additional weight gain supplements so as to increase the muscular mass of their body. But, what can an individual possibly do if these weight gain supplements fail to have a positive effect on your body? But you need not worry the slightest but about it as the best alternative for the weight gain supplements are right at hand. Yes, the best alternative for a weight loss supplement is nothing but a steroid. A huge part of the population has developed the misconception that all the steroids are quite illegal; but in the actual sense it is not so. Yes, there are a lot of steroids that are legally sold indifferent parts of the world. You are most welcome to use the best legal steroid to gain weight like Anverol and Winsol.

What are the major benefits of using a legal steroid?

            To answer the above question in the form of a caption, the steroidal supplements can do what the normal weight gain and weight loss supplements actually fail to do. Yes, these steroids can increase your muscular mass instantly within a maximum of three weeks, whereas the normal weight gain supplements take very many months to do so. They also help you a great deal to burn the bad cholesterol in your body in turn highlighting the muscular mass that you have gained. Also, you need not have the fear of consuming these steroids in an illegal way because most of the steroids are officially legalized in different countries all over the world. In such a case as this one, you need to be careful enough so as to choose the best legal steroid to gain weight so as to enjoy the fullest benefits of the same. This is because, the legal steroids do not subject the individual concerned to undergo much of the side effects unlike the illegal steroids. When it comes to the matter of making a purchase of a good steroid that probably suits your needs and demands, it is always the best for you to go in for an online steroid store that promotes and sells a huge variety of legal steroids on an exclusive scale. The steroids are usually available in plenty with an online store for steroids.

Take a local dentist’s help to cure teeth problems

For a good smile, you need good and healthy teeth and for healthy teeth, you should take care of your oral hygiene. Good oral care is important for your overall health.

Find a local dentist with whom you are comfortable and make an appointment for dental checkup. The dental checkups should be done on monthly basis.

A local dentist gives priority to the oral health of every patient. They offer many services varying from person to person according to their dental problem. Every person is different from one another because of his eating habits other health issues, oral hygiene and life style. They have a team of professional staff who not only treat the patients by fixing their problems but try to prevent more dental issues in the future. The patient is treated immediately in case of emergency. Communication between the patient and doctor is important to discuss the problem and its best decision of dental needs for the satisfaction of every patient. The staff is very experienced and skilled to deal with every kind of dental problem. They do quality work and are equipped with right kind of tools using latest technologies. The dental instruments are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized very carefully for the safety of patients so that they do not acquire other contagious diseases.

If a person has some other health issue or medical condition like diabetes, hearth issues, rheumatoid arthritis or HIV positive or going through a treatment like chemotherapy or radiation, he should tell the dentist before the treatment. It is also advised in case of high blood pressure. The dentist will take preventive measure so not to cause any more medical complication for the patient. Dental treatment is very costly and if care is not taken after tooth ache or bleeding in gums, it will prolong your problem resulting in increase in charges as well as the dental problem. And these dental problems will lead to more diseases which will damage the body.

A local dentist makes efforts to keep the charges less. They try to maintain the professional care with the help of latest technology and quality work. The qualified staff works hard for the prevention, restoration and general dentistry.

Children should be taught to clean their teeth at an early stage. It will keep away the problems related to mouth and teeth especially when their permanent teeth are grown.

Slim Weight Patches – Alternative to Weight Loss Pills and Diets

Slim weight patches have lately created a considerable measure of buildup on the internet amongst individuals who are both occupied and stout. It is difficult for a great many people to take time out to hit the exercise center regularly. Weight loss pills and eating regimen plans are broadly available, however they are regularly associated with symptoms and complications. As a rule weight loss pills wind up causes irreparable damage to the body. In a world, where 40% of the population is corpulent, such long term reactions from weight loss items are hardly desirable. The other issue with pills and capsules [irrespective of their purpose] is that, their dosages should be monitored for legitimate proficiency. The patient also needs to recall the medication “times” all together for the pharmaceutical to act appropriately.

The Slim weight patch system is an important invention, because it has a tendency to be without the flaws exhibit in other weight loss items. The tablets and capsules that claim to have the capacity to lessen weight, should be taken orally and regularly wind up disintegrating in the stomach, liver or stomach related system. At the point when that happens, the particles don’t reach the cells where they should work and wind up getting dumped into the body. This is alluded to as “Medication Dumping”. This can cause long term complications. Laboratory considers have shown that as little as 5% of all oral medications make it to the target cells. The lay get deteriorated on the way to the target cell.

What are weight loss patches?

This is a different ball game all together. There are several weight loss patch systems available in the market and all of them differ from each other in molecular structure and composition. In this case it’s not the fixing that’s different, but rather the course of administration. These Slim weight patch items are applied trans-dermally and take after nicotine or hormone patches. As a matter of fact researchers are notwithstanding taking a shot at fever, conception prevention and diabetic patches. If all goes well, we’d no longer have to pop pills. We could simply apply a prescription on the skin, much the same as a lotion and let it get absorbed into the body.

As far as the weight loss counterparts are concerned, they simply should be applied on the stomach, thighs and other fatty areas of the body. As told earlier, it’s the administration course that is different and not always the composition itself. You’ll however need to understand that simply any pill or capsule couldn’t be grounded and applied on the skin to carry out its occupation. It should be formulated specially for absorption through the clenbuterol street price.


It doesn’t really make a difference if it’s a weight loss patch or a nicotine patch; as long as a prescription is administered through the trans-dermal course [of course it has to be formulated properly], it will have approximately 95% efficacy [established through twofold visually impaired studies] as compared to only 5% with oral drugs. Since the absorption rate is high, there’s noSlimg abandoned to get dumped into the body and cause reactions.


What to Expect in the ER

ER is a department in medical center or hospital where you don’t need an appointment to go to. But this also means that there may be number of people to get treatment right away. All of the ERs follow a triage system. This means that the first person you come across upon your arrival in the ER shall be a triage nurse. This person happens to be with the most experience among ER nurses and their primary role is to get a brief history so that a quick physical assessment could be determined.

Triaging is a process that enables the ER to determine which patients should be first as priority and which can wait sometime to be seen and this is vital due to the nature of ERs as many patients could come at the same time with different physical concerns having varying severity.


If your condition requires you to rest and lie down, then you shall be escorted from the triage area to a treatment room. Usually only one visitor is allowed at a time and if the patient happens to be child, the presence of parents is allowed. If a treatment room is not available right away, you shall be asked to wait some time so that one could be prepared for you. Avoid drinking and eating while waiting as it may interfere with the tests doctors shall need to evaluate.


You shall be placed in a bed when you are brought back to an exam room. You shall be given a hospital gown to change into so that you can be examined.  Sometimes a monitoring device is attached to you so that your vital signs can be monitored. A doctor shall see you as soon as possible. But it is essential to keep in mind that if other patients arrive who need immediate assistance, your treatment could be delayed.


Your visit shall require some tests to be taken. If necessary there shall be few X-rays, blood tests or you might need to visit the other department. During the process if you are unable to understand anything, you are free to ask your nurse or doctor. You shall have to wait some time while your test results are being processed and once you have gotten them, the doctor shall explain them to you and inform if additional test is required.


Your treatment could be simple or complex and relies on your type of emergency. Similarly, your severity of emergency or injury shall determine how long it shall take to get treatment. It could take from few minutes to many hours. After that your doctor shall decide whether you need to get admitted in the hospital or discharge. There is a chance that he will speak to your family doctor or another specialist.

While on a visit to ER keep this in mind that there might be delays but decision of your treatment depends on your emergency. Your care is the most important thing but your patience and co-operation is required as well.

In any case of emergency, call Frontline ER for 24-hours quality medical emergency service.