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5 Prominent Reasons That Leads To Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men

One may thrive for the happiness that comes with pregnancy but getting pregnant is not easy. There can be several reasons why pregnancy does not occur. Some of them might be age related problems while others may be only the physical ones that render to the problem. Certain gene mutations can also lead to infertility. Therefore, let us see why at all does infertility occur in men?

The problem of male fertility is not an obscure one. One in three couples fails to conceive because of male fertility problems. So, if someone is trying for pregnancy for months but all the attempts are futile then he has to visit the doctor. The possible reasons for male infertility might be:

Lifestyle and medical history

A bad lifestyle and food habits can lead to such a problem.  Smoking marijuana or tobacco can be a great reason for the problem. Even drinking more three or more alcoholic types can be a potential reason. Steroids, medicines that treat cancer, depression, infection, or digestive disorders, other chronic illness, poor nutrition, overweight, having a hernia in the groin, can also be health related factors.


The veins in the scrotum generally enlarge in this problem. The temperature in the testes thus changes which may affect the production of sperm count. The affected men may experience scrotal pain, especially after standing, sitting, or doing exercise. This may vary from person to person.

Ejaculation problem

A blockage in the ejaculatory duct can prevent sperms from getting into the ejaculation fluid. This may occur when vas deference or the epididymis, the organ that carries sperm to the testicles are damaged or blocked.

Another similar problem happens when the semen enters the bladder instead of being ejaculated.  Infection, diabetes, congenital defects, neurological defects, injury can cause these problems. There are no particular symptoms but if one is having retrograde ejaculation problem then he may notice cloudy urine and very little or no ejaculation after reaching orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction

This is the problem in which the male penis does not possess the ability to create or maintain an erection. This is the hydraulic effect of the blood entering in the penis and being retained by the sponge-like structures.

Sperm count and mobility problem

Due to poor sperm mobility, the female partner’s eggs may not be fertilized. The causes of these are found in injury, hormonal imbalance, certain genetic disorders, etc.

These diseases sometimes can be cured by injection and operation sometimes. Nowadays medicines are also invented to cure them. Some of the medicines are in an oral jelly form which the patients need to consume to make them effective.


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