A Guide to Basic Rules of Microshading Aftercare

Microshading Aftercare

The effectiveness of the microshading treatment is not solely reliant on the skills of your Stone Mountain micro shading artist. Once you depart from the salon, the responsibility shifts to you, as it becomes crucial to ensure proper healing of your brows.

Follow the procedure you receive for aftercare by your artist. Taking these instructions seriously is imperative if you aspire to achieve impeccable microshaded eyebrows. This regimen facilitates uniform healing of your brows, minimizing excessive scabbing and safeguarding the treated area from contamination.

Continue reading to uncover comprehensive details about the microshading aftercare regimen.

Microshading Aftercare on a Daily Basis

The microshading aftercare regimen aligns with the different phases of the healing process. Here’s how you should manage your brows during the days following the procedure.

Days 1 & 2 – Proper Cleansing of Your Brows

Following the treatment, the treated skin may discharge lymph. To avert infection and reduce scabbing, it’s important to eliminate this lymph. Gently dab the lymph away using a cotton pad soaked in sterile water, repeating the process 3-4 times each day.

Days 3-5 – Regular Moisturization of Your Brows

Do brow cleansing once or twice daily with a mild antibacterial soap. Be gentle and delicately pat them dry. Then initiate the use of your designated aftercare ointment. Apply it at intervals, especially when you sense itching following your cleansing process. 

This ointment serves to curtail scab formation and acts as a protective barrier against external contaminants. Remember to apply a thin layer to allow the area to breathe and prevent pore congestion.

Days 5-10 – Sustaining the Aftercare Regimen

During this period, your brows will undergo peeling, and a heightened itchiness may be present. It’s crucial to exercise caution and refrain from disturbing the scabs, allowing them to detach naturally. Continue the application of the prescribed aftercare ointment and adhere to the designated brow cleansing routine.

Days 10-14 – Relaxation After Peeling Ceases

Once all peeling subsides, you can discontinue following the microshading aftercare guidelines. You may return to your regular routine, although certain adjustments might be advisable. Note that components like retinol and acids can accelerate pigment fading; hence, it’s prudent to avoid contact with your brows.

Extra Tip: Prioritize wearing SPF protection when venturing outdoors, irrespective of the age of your microshading.

Microshading Aftercare with Dry Healing Approach

The aforementioned microshading aftercare guidelines pertain to what is known as wet healing, involving the application of moisturizers. 

An alternative approach for microshading aftercare is dry healing, which involves abstaining from using moisturizers. This regimen is occasionally recommended for clients with notably oily skin. 

It is important to heed your artist’s advice and diligently adhere to the microshading aftercare instructions they provide, even if they differ from the routine detailed above.

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