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Basic Exercises to Stay Fit at Home

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Probably one of the major challenges of these days is to stay fit and find time to exercise on a regular basis. We often complain about the lack of time, since we are busy with work, projects, deadlines and various excuses that don’t let us have an active lifestyle. Indeed, getting to the gym takes time and money, especially for those with a limited budget who need to pay a monthly membership and sometimes it’s hard to get there, due to a full schedule. So, why waste your money when you can have a fitness routine at home with minimum effort?


All you need is a strong will and desire to stay fit and be healthy with some basic and easy to do exercises. However, it’s good to know that possibilities to exercise at home are endless, so here are some engaging and useful ideas to stay fit at home and save a lot of money.

Jogging in place while doing any activity

Whether you are watching TV or listening to music, jogging in place is a simple and excellent exercise to stay fit, strengthen bones or boost the cardiovascular system. There’s no special equipment required, only a pair of shoes to avoid any pain for your legs. It’s a great option for anyone who can’t get to the gym, but still needs to be active and lose weight.


Here’s another simple and basic exercise to do at home and strengthen abdominal muscles, so you can stay fit for the summer season. Stay down on the floor or in a comfortable place and get started by moving your head all the way up. For better results, you need to work up to 50 or 100 repetitions, according to your rhythm and resistance. Moreover, you need to literally feel the stretching of the muscles while doing the exercises.

Leg squats

Who doesn’t love them? It’s probably one of the easiest and simple to do exercise at home. All you need is a chair and a few minutes to work for your legs and buttocks. Put your hands on the back of the chair, stand up straight, and bend your knees to a comfortable, then push back to the initial position. If you are feeling safe without the chair, remove this support and just do the exercise. Try doing a few repetitions to provide some benefit for your group of muscles.


Another basic and easy to do fitness exercise that can produce excellent result are pushups. It may not be the most favorite exercise for many people, but it certainly produces great results, including toning down your biceps and triceps. Without a doubt, there are lots of benefits people may not be aware, so stay fit with a variety of pushups. Whether you pick up the standard position to execute them or prefer to do them standing against the wall, it is indicated to try a few repetitions, rest for a few minutes and start again for good results.

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