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Does SoClean really work?


A clean, sanitized CPAP device can ensure the air you are receiving is free of germs. Proper maintenance of your device using CPAP cleaning machines is recommended to avoid infections and breathe well. Let us have a look at whether SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine really work in these aspects.

Reduces germ build-up

The heated tubing system of your CPAP equipment creates a humid environment, which is favorable for the growth of bacteria and fungi. These germs can harbor within your CPAP device and enter your lungs as you breathe in air through it.

Hence, though CPAP device can provide a warm, comfortable breathing experience; it can also increase your risk of infections. SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine can reduce the build-up of germs and reduce your risk of infections.

The SoClean basically uses “activated oxygen” to sanitize your device. It can eliminate the fungi, bacteria, and viruses from your device efficiently.

Provides convenience

Most patients with sleep apnea suffer from lack of sleep due to which they tend to feel tired during the daytime. This may force you to avoid some tasks one of which may be cleaning your CPAP device.

Manual cleaning of CPAP machine is a time-consuming process. Using a CPAP machine can provide a great benefit for such individuals. SoClean CPAP cleaning machines are easy to use and can sanitize your machine quickly. You can check SoClean CPAP reviews.

It can save your time and efforts while minimizing your risk of infections. The fact that you do not even have to dismantle your device for cleaning it makes using machines highly convenient for the users.


The SoClean 2 does not use water or harsh chemicals to sanitize your equipment. This ensures the safety of your device against chemical residues that could enter your lungs and cause long-term complications. It also prevents the moistening of the device that could harbor bacteria and cause infections.

High efficiency

SoClean CPAP cleaning machines can annihilate up to 99.99% of the pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and molds residing inside your CPAP device. The safe, natural gas used in the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine can sanitize the hose, mask, and reservoir thoroughly and free it from infective pathogens.

Maintaining your CPAP device clean and sanitized is important to prevent infections and ensure its optimum functioning for several years. Most patients rely on manual cleaning methods to sanitize their CPAP device. However, using specially designed CPAP cleaning machines like the SoClean 2 can offer convenience and ease of use for keeping your device free of harmful germs.

In short, Does SoClean really work? Yes, it works. There are lab reports that show how well the SoClean disinfects the CPAP mask surface.Ozone, “activated oxygen”, has been cleared by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention as a suitable means to process (i.e. sterilize) reusable medical equipment. Sterilization is as good as it gets, and is basically a 100% kill rate. Admittedly, to achieve a SAL of 10^-6 (so effectively killings 99.9999% of the surface microbes) equipment needs to be exposed for more than 4 hours.

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