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How Long Do Zirconium Dental Crowns Last?

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Zirconium dental crowns are a type of ceramic crowns which are used to improve the appearance and position of the teeth in the mouth. Zirconium dental crowns are the best when a patient wants a cap on their teeth.

What İs Zirconium Crown?

Zirconia is a very hard metal which is extraordinarily tough and highly durable. Thus it is ideal for making crowns for teeth correction. Zirconium dental crowns look extremely natural and easily go with your actual teeth structure. They are the best choice to replace the missing or decayed teeth/tooth. They are used as a way to treat oral rehabilitation or simply improve the appearance of the face.

Why Using Zirconium Dental Crowns İs Beneficiary?

Zirconia is the hardest known ceramic to date thus if you get the zirconium dental crowns for correcting your teeth, you are considered to have gotten a permanent treatment. Under zirconium dental crowns treatment, you do not have to visit your dentist at regular intervals, unlike those other dental restoration treatments.

They are extremely durable and very tough to be cracked. Another great thing about zirconium is it is very well tolerated by the body as it is not a metal thus it does not cause any side-effect or allergy to the body. The computer technology is used in the whole zirconium dental crowns treatment, thus the prostheses are placed in a highly precise manner. Also, the zirconium structure can be used as a base to layer it with aesthetic porcelain so that final color and shape can be given to the teeth.

The Durability Of Zirconium Crowns

Generally, these dental crowns last for about ten to fifteen years. At the same time, some care should also be taken to enhance the durability of the dental crowns.

Many patients get this crown implanted for a lifetime. However zirconium is a very hard material, sometimes it gets cracked or chipped due to other factors like decay under the tooth or gum disease. In that case, it is needed to be replaced. If any such case occurs with you then the dentist from whom you had taken the zirconium dental crowns treatment will fix it for you.

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