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How to deal with the issue of cancer during the stage of pregnancy

Medicines in relation to pregnancy

Any cancer during the stage of pregnancy does appear to be something rare. The simple fact is that being rare a lot of research has not been done on it. As per medicine for oncology while pregnant the number of women who are going to be diagnosed with cancer is going to increase substantially. The simple reason being the fact that women are waiting for a long time in relation to the child being born. As the information about cancer during the stage of pregnancy does appear to be rare it does make it difficult for us to arrive at a uniform decision. Here the most important point of consideration that comes into account is the wellbeing of the mother as well as the baby. In some cases you are going to be concerned about the wellbeing of your little one as well.

There are some tests that are ok for the developing fetus but at certain times of pregnancy they are not. The cancer is not going to spread from a mother to the fetus. The chances of spreading to the placenta are all the more as well. With recent advancements in medical science it has become easy to conduct a host of treatment for women. The clinical outcomes tend to be much better and this is as per the inputs of Oncology in pregnancy medicine. The chances of your baby being delivered with a successful outcome works out to be much better. You need to view the fact that a pregnant woman can deliver a healthy baby as well.

Most of the symptoms of cancer are also common during the period of pregnancy as well. This may include nausea, fatigue or morning sickness as well. In certain cases you can pinpoint their occurrence to a particular type of cancer. You need to discuss with your doctor if you feel that the symptoms are not that typical as well. It may lead to the occurrence of cancer. In another case with pregnancy cancer could also be uncovered as well. For example in the case of an abnormal pap smear you can go on to detect cervical cancer. With the aid of an ultrasound you can detect ovarian cancer at a pretty early stage as well.

If the cancer is suspected the doctors are not likely to undertake a diagnosis and the simple reason would be any form of damage to the developing fetus. Sometimes it obvious to be worried if you are asked to perform X rays or CT scan during the time of pregnancy. All of them could go on to provide the doctor extra information during the stage of pregnancy. Research does point to the fact that the level of radiation is too small so as to harm the developing fetus. Whether it is going to cause any significant damage to the developing baby is dependant upon the stage of cancer you are likely to find yourself at as well.

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