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Is it possible for the Chinese Gender Chart to predict the baby’s gender accurately

gender accurately

Before the advent of science and technology, people had to wait until the baby was born to know if it is a boy or a girl. Everything has changed now, with modern and highly sophisticated gadgets and equipment being used by nursing facilities and gynecologists across the globe. No more has the person required to wait any more to ascertain the gender of the to-be born baby.

Using modern science for gender determination

Although ultrasounds as well as other types of tests are conducted that showed accurately the baby’s gender, some pushback was experienced against the same. There are many people, more precisely the grandparents, who are not that interested to know the gender of the baby, until its birth. They feel that the whole surprise will be ruined with this revelation.

Know the methods to find the gender

Prior to amniocentesis, ultrasound and (cfDNA) cell-free fetal DNA testing, a test conducted n mother’s blood, dozens of other methods were used to predict the gender of the baby. In case, the baby is being carried high in the mother’s abdomen, then it was determined as a boy. If the baby is carried low, then it was a girl. In case the linea nigra on the abdomen ran past the belly button, then it was a boy.

Another method was used, where the pregnant woman had to lie on the floor, with someone having her wedding band dangled on a thread just above her belly. In case, the ring moved in a line similar to the pendulum, then she may be expecting a boy and if in circles, then it was perhaps a girl.

However, the issues with such methods were that they were not 100% accurate.

Chinese Gender Predictor

Presently, Chinese Gender Chart is rocking the internet charts. It is stated to be a huge intricate chart, which uses the woman’s age and date when she got pregnant. This is sued to predict, if she is to give birth to a girl or a boy. The baby’s gender prediction with this chart is stated to be accurate to about 90%.

But here, the trick likes in knowing the lunar month, when the mother-to-be was born and not her calendar birth month. Although several sites exist which display the entire prediction table, simpler systems can be found which can help the person to have the birth day entered, including the conception day or expected due date.

History of the chart

This gender chart is considered to be over 700 years old. It was the Chinese Royal servants who had maintained this secret. Also, this chart was based upon an ancient religious Chinese text called I Ching, which is used as guide to life and as divination tool. The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart was used by the royal services to assist the Emperor as well as his consorts to produce baby boys. This was done by calculating the days, when good sex could be had to produce baby boys.

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