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Life-saving transplant of liver

four year old boy meets lifesaving liver donor from halfway around the world

In India, you can see a high occurrence of liver diseases. It is one of the countries where the incidence of liver diseases is high specifically pertaining to hepatitis C and Hepatitis B viruses. In India, it is very common to see the frequency of diseases of fatty liver, but as you talk about treatment in line with liver transplantation, this country took considerably a long span of time to succeed in this field. For the past ten years liver transplantation has advanced and become a reality, and in these days a significant number of transplants of life by way of living donor transplantation have become possible in the country.

Comparison between liver transplants in the west and India

When talking about the prerequisite for transplantation of liver, India is still lagging behind. In India, nearly 1400 liver transplants take place annually says Dr. Mohamed Rela. Going by requirement necessary for liver transplantation may fall under the range of 10- 15 per million in the populations. It is necessary to undertake ten times extra transplantation of liver in case the necessity is taken into consideration with regard to population. India is way behind when taking living donor transplantation, cadaver liver or deceased liver transplantation into account. In case you consider the proportion of transplants undertaken in India, living donor transplantation makes above 1000.

In the United States, you have merely 250 living donor transplants. India is doing four times in comparison to the US. And it is ten times than that is undertaken in Europe. India is doing living donor transplants equal to countries in eastern Asia such as Japan and Korea.

India is truly competing with the technicalities needed for the living donor transplant and is heading towards success. India is doing better than the west and may outdo other countries except for China.

Latest advancements in liver transplantation

The most modern technical progress in transplantation of liver is seen in living donor transplant. Among the western countries, advancement is noticed in the field of split liver transplant, preserving organs, sharing organs, making use of marginal organs and population has ever- increasing access to liver transplant. It is dependent on disease donor transplant of liver but in the eastern countries all advancements have been seen in living donor transplant of liver and India is on top of the list of such developments.

Challenges confronted by people in need of a liver transplant

The challenges faced by the population are in terms of the access. A big percentage of the population cannot manage to pay for this treatment. Single transplantation of liver costs somewhat over twenty lakhs, and it is a fact that unless the government starts to finance, it cannot be easy for all strata of society to get to it.

It is quite good that a big percentage in Tamil Naidu is really financed by the government, so that liver transplantations are undertaken, and such steps are needed to be taken all through the country. But it will be a costly affair for the government to finance all people needing a liver transplant.

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