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Physical beauty and charismatic personality are necessary for a stylish social life. Healthy tresses or locks on the head are a sign of vigour and vitality. Those who have hairline thinning or baldness can opt for Longevita hair transplant surgery. The most advanced and safe treatment is performed in a five star, medical clinic. Experienced doctors prescribe the best solution after thorough and intimate consultations.

  • Physical beauty is characterised by hair, teeth, and appearance. Those with hair loss and bad breath lose out on social graces.
  • They have to consult a cosmetic specialist for plastic surgery advice. The medical doctor closely examines the patient and suggests a suitable remedy.
  • Cosmetic procedures are efficient in correcting facial flaws. The scalp, chin, and eyebrows can be subjected to hair treatments.
  • Lush and healthy hairs are a sign of vitality and youthfulness. Those with hair thinning or bald patches are ideal for the transplant procedure.
  • Hair transplantation is a surgery in which donor’s hairs are used for replacement. Healthy follicles or groups of hair are transplanted onto the balding spots.
  • Advanced facilities are safe and the services are also of a very high class. Patients undergo the cutting edge follicular unit extraction (FUE) treatment.

Top Quality Replacement Surgeries

Hair replacement techniques have developed due to scientific research. The modern Longevita hair transplant procedures include –


The patient’s scalp is examined to select the healthy and strong donor areas. The hair grafts are extracted only from these selected areas. High-density FUE treatment is assured to those who desire strong, dense hairs. The maximum number of skin grafts are performed without compromising the safety standards. The patient, after the recovery period, has a natural, fresh, and finished look with full hair coverage.

Female Hair Transplant –

Females have hair thinning as opposed to baldness or receding hairline in men. Lack of adequate hair care and flawed styling techniques can cause hair loss in women. Their hair’s volume and density gets affected due to the incessant loss. The hair transplant treatment is adjusted to suit female’s scalp requirements. Stable donor areas with fuller areas can assure successful results in a short period of time. Patients are also advised on the specific hair replacement method, costs, and expected outcomes.

Direct Hair Implantation –

  • Hair follicles are carefully extracted one by one from the donor area.
  • The grafts are unchanged but placed as it is in a preserving solution.
  • These follicles are then directly placed on recipient areas with hair loss.
  • A special DHI implanter tool is used to assure accurate replacement.
  • This tool is very precise as it has a diameter that is 1 mm or less.
  • No holes or slits are made on the surface of the patient’s scalp.
  • The depth, direction, and angle of each follicle are correctly maintained.
  • The DHI technique is 100% natural, permanent, and successful.

Glamorous men and women deserve healthy hair and bright smiles. Cosmetic procedures like the Longevita hair transplant goes a long way in assuring stylish lifestyles. Those with hair loss and baldness can undergo modern replacement surgeries. The techniques are safe, reliable, and guarantee 100% success in terms of natural look. Women too can opt for a suitable hair transplant procedure based on their scalp and hair quality.

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