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Almost every single person is now facing dental problems at some level. So it is obvious that they require treatments, which is only possible at Parramatta Dental Clinic. It is not that this is the only clinic in the world, but the reason that why it is so famous is because due to the treatments that they provide for their customers. This is one of the most popular Dental Clinic in the Parramatta. This is also one of the trusted dental clinics because people are now not afraid of visiting dentists of Parramatta Dental Clinic. As the technology has evolved, so does the methods of dental treatments. And no doubt now these dental treatments are much less painful, as compared to the past. Plus unlike other dental clinics, this one is opened 24 hours of the day.

Emergency Treatment

So that if there is any emergency regarding your teeth, like bleeding. Then doctors would be available just on a single call. And they will be all set to give you necessary treatment, just like you have it on some regular appointment. Right now there is no other dental clinic to provide you with this service. As they do not consider it as some serious issue. Parramatta Dental Clinic is equipped with all the modern and necessary equipment. They have got the best machines of the world so that you do not even feel a bit of pain while the treatment. And some of those machines are,

  1. Low Dose Digital X-Ray Machine
  2. Intra Oral Camera
  3. Cone Beam 3-D Imaging

Low Dose Digital X-Ray

In the past we had to wait for like an hour or maybe more, just to get the results of the X-Ray. It was really a tough time to wait for the results when you are already upset for the sickness you have. Well, now the time has been changed. Everything now is advanced, and lightning fast. So when it comes to the X-Ray, now Parramatta Dental Clinic has a machine which gives out the results in just some seconds. So that there is no suspense left for you in the waiting. Plus this machine would use a very small amount of radiations, which the chances of these radiations to affect your body has decreased to 90%. And the result is 99% accurate.

Intra Oral Camera

 Before Dentists uses a small mirror which was mounted on a stick, and then they have to put it inside the mouth in order to see the problem. Well, it was really a tough job as many times the problems were not visible easily. So now scientists came up with a new innovative idea, they mounted a small camera on a tube. So that everything is visible clearly on the screen. And no doubt currently Parramatta Dental Clinic is using this technology. Now all they have to do is to put this tube in the patient’s mouth and turn on the camera. Now everything can be seen clearly on the screen due to the flashlight which is also installed with Camera.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Have you ever played a 3D game? Well, this technology is similar to that. With the help of this machine now dentists can take a complete 3D image of your head. And then they filter out your mouth and jaws from that. So that they could find out the actual problem.

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