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Technology In Medical Care: Top UAE Innovations

Technology In Medical Care

Technology is always at the heart of medical innovation, and this is true all over the globe. However, there is one place that is doing a bit more with modern medical technology, the UAE. This united front is one of the world’s fastest developing nations on the planet, and it currently experiencing a wealth of investments from other countries. This behavior is mainly driven by some of the nation’s medical innovations, and you can read on to find out more about these advancements.


Telemedicine is a process that lets a doctor diagnose and treat a patient using digital means, such as a video call service or instant messaging. This innovation helps contagious patients remain isolated and gives vulnerable individuals the chance to receive medical care without risking leaving the home.

The Dubai Health Authority began a pilot trial for telemedicine back in 2017, producing astounding results for the system. Since then, other nations have jumped on board with the idea, and healthcare costs in some countries are expected to fall as a result.

3D Scans

3D printing has been a key part of the manufacturing process for several years now; however, this technological innovation has also seen some use in the medical field. Doctors in Dubai believe that 3D printing can be used to support medical scans, and there is a plan to bring this technology into effect as early as 2030.

These 3D models of the patient’s body will give doctors a means to view the patient’s body without the use of excessive x-ray technology or exploratory surgeries. While the Smart Medical Fitness scan is still one of the fastest providers of a complete medical scan, it seems that this process will soon make the jump to 3D, providing these doctors with a more comprehensive look into the human body.

Smart Tech

Smart technologies have many applications in modern life. You can use your smartphone for entertainment, social or medical purposes; however, only one health organization on the planet is striving to make this technology mandatory for its citizens.

Since smart technology can provide such fast results, it is now being used as a screening method for people wishing to enter Dubai. People can now conduct x-rays, blood, and fitness tests to ensure that anyone looking to work in the country is of optimal working fitness. Also, this helps to keep infection rates of certain diseases down in the country, maintaining the health sector of Dubai.

Robot Pharmacies

The hardest part of healthcare is getting the right treatments to patients on time. There are often long lines and many a pharmacy in the UAE and prescription readings are subject to human error. However, robot pharmacies have recently been introduced to parts of the UAE to reduce these errors and speed up treatment. In fact, these machines can fill out up to twelve prescriptions a minute. Compare that to the four that a human can complete, and you can see why this UAE innovation is becoming more prevalent.


Every nation is trying to use its technology to advance medicine in new and interesting ways. However, the UAE is rapidly becoming more successful in this field, as you can see from just some of the new medical technologies detailed above.

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