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The Future Of Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction Techniques

With the techniques used in liposuction rapidly changing to make it an all-around better experience, it can be confusing to pinpoint which procedure is the best for you. With the likes of smartlipo changing the industry and multiple technological advancements being released each month, the future of liposuction and the procedures techniques are promising. Here, we’re taking a closer look at what we can expect to see in the future.


With several technological advancements taking the industry by storm, the way liposuction techniques are performed have certainly changed. Smartlipo is a prime example of this, with a fine laser being inserted below the surface of the skin via a small incision. This breaks down the deposit of the fat, allowing it to be drained away. As well as making the skin around the treated area noticeably more firm, the skin appears younger too. One of the major benefits of smartlipo is that, because the treatment is non-invasive, little downtime is required in order to recover.

Technological Advancements

As technology begins to advance, we are seeing multiple different techniques for fat removal from both inside and outside of the body emerge. This is important to note as there will soon be multiple other areas that will be able to be treated with less invasive methods to help clients achieve their desired body shape and size. With the exploration of radiology and the use of lasers expanding, it is only a matter of time before the potential of these treatments mirriored for use on otherareas of the body.

Fat Injections

Technological advancements and other trends also lead to multiple different ways of enhancing the body. The latest example of this is fat grafts or ‘fat injections’ that are inserted into different parts of the body such as the breasts and the buttocks to help them look more defined.

Smaller Equipment

Since the beginning for liposuction, there has been a significant reduction in the size of the tools that are being used and the overall design. However, as the types of liposuction begin to change and offer more natural and less invasive methods, the structure of the tools that are used will also begin to change. This is beneficial as it will allow for more of the fatty deposits to be removed without causing damage to the surrounding area, reducing the amount of bruising and swelling that the client could experience.

As the technology and the understanding of the techniques within the industry begin to change, the types of procedures that are available will also follow suit. Happy searching!

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