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The happiness after 9 months of relentless pain

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We as a human being like to live in a house full, our own house rather of our family members all laughing as well as living a very happy life ever after. The family is very much incomplete without a baby. A baby brings a lot of joy and happiness to a particular family as they involve each and every body with themselves. For this particular reason a baby is considered as the purest of all souls in this earth. Even the most depressed person on this earth will find a baby very much adorable and they can really bring them back to life. Their smiles are the purest of all and also very much unconditional of all. Thus having a baby in the family is certainly the best feeling ever. However producing a baby is certainly a biological phenomenon that is only present in the mammals and most importantly in the female beings. Male are more of a catalyst which donates the sperm in the female body with which the reaction starts and that cycle which is called as the pregnancy continues for the next 9 months. Thus the woman has to undertake all possible pain and the problems to carry her baby and also give birth. And such is the generosity if the female beings in this world that they do it so much happiness and so much grace.


For very much obvious reasons pregnancy is termed as the most complex biological reaction that ever happens to any human being be it a male or a female. Once pregnant a woman literally changes a lot in terms of what she was in previous time. This changes are very much exclusive of each other and also the changes are very much required also so that it can be used to give support to the most complex phenomena happening in the body called as the pregnancy. Hormones are the cause of many problem that are occurring in a pregnant lady. Now hormones are very important elements that are present in the human body, which are secreted from the endocrine gland of the body and are important different biochemical reaction of the body. Thus hormones are very important for the human being and most certainly for pregnancy also. Contraction is effect that each and every woman experience which happens due to the hormone specific for the contraction and also for the high level of estrogen that is secreted in the pregnant phase in the woman body. Doctors advises advices everybody that contraction schedule should be maintained by every lady as it reveals many important things.

What it is felt like

The contraction is felt like a stretch in the womb area where the baby is growing due to the effects of the hormones. It has a [articular time when it occurs. Different lady experience it at different time intervals.

Contraction timing importance

Contractions should be times and also recorded so that in future it will be easy for the doctors to get the data on which they can diagnose properly.

How to time

Online contraction timer are available so that they will be used to time as well as they also have the property of storing the data also which makes even more easy to operate.

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