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Top Reasons to Seek Fertility Services

Fertility Services

Has your desire to conceive hit some roadblocks? Getting pregnant is not easy for everyone, as is carrying to term. The challenges don’t have to stop you from pursuing your desires since you can turn to Bedford CARE Fertility services and find a solution to help your conception journey. Fertility services offer innovative solutions geared toward your unique situation in mind. Among the top situations that warrant seeking fertility services includes the following:

Your age

If you are 35 years or younger and have tried to get pregnant for at least a year without success, it would be best to seek fertility services. At such a stage, your egg quality and quantity are high. This means getting pregnant should have a high success rate if your and your partner’s reproductive health is good. Conversely, you should seek fertility services if you are at 35 years or older and have tried to get pregnant for at least six months. As you age, egg quality and quantity declines, which may need a boost to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Menstrual cycle concerns

Unprotected sex is not enough to get pregnant. A big part is the right timing, ensuring the sperm reach the eggs in the most optimum period for fertilization. If you are trying to get pregnant but dealing with irregular or no periods, the process can be challenging. Fertility services can help you find a solution to address your menstrual concerns and improve your timing and chances of getting pregnant.

Reproductive health concerns

Are you struggling with endometriosis, fibroids, or cervical cancer? Such concerns can challenge your quest to get pregnant since they can block the sperm from reaching the eggs, affect the fertilized egg attachment, or result in miscarriage. If you have had a miscarriage, or a family history, seeking fertility services is essential. Fertility treatment can help you navigate such hiccups and improve your conception success chances, eliminating the frustrations of trying for years.

Medical history

Besides conditions that directly affect your reproductive health, others medical concerns like thyroid disease, STIs, obesity, alcohol abuse, and smoking should also prompt you to seek fertility services if you are planning to get pregnant. You could benefit from treatment such as geared to improve hormonal balance. Others like genetic counseling, nutritional and physical activity guidance, lifestyle adjustments such as smoking cessation, and medication can help improve your chances of getting pregnant, carrying to term, and delivering a healthy baby.

Male factor

Fertility challenges do not necessarily mean that the woman has the issue. It could be a male problem since erection and pleasurable sex do not mean the sperm quality is good. Male factors like testicular trauma could mean the sperm can’t fertilize an egg. Fertility services can help establish if a male factor is the main culprit and find a solution.

A child is a great addition to your family, but getting pregnant can be discouraging if you have been trying with little or no success. Visit CARE Fertility today for all your fertility-related needs.

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