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Traits and Benefits of Natural Shilajit Resin

Introducing Shilajit Resin

Ayurveda tradition offers us a mineral supplement which may be the key to strengthening and rejuvenating our organism. Ayurvedic medicine has used Shilajit for over several thousands of years both individually and in combination with other nurturing and healing herbs.

This particular mineral is naturally exuded from the layers of sacred rocks that belong to the Altai Mountains. In essence, natural Shilajit resin is found in the form of mineral sediment which also contains humus and organic remains, or decomposed plants. All of them together spend several million years among the layers of said rocks until finally they form a specific substance, black in color and resembling tar.

In terms of content, natural Shilajit resin is full of vitamins and minerals, but also acids such as humic acid and fulvic acid. These are crucial for cleansing the body from toxins, as they primarily focus on ejecting heavy metals from the human body.

shilajit resin benefits

Shilajit Resin Chemical Structure

As mentioned, natural Shilajit contains a lot of vitamins, precisely vitamins A, B, C and P, also known as citrines. In addition, it also contains a lot of trace minerals, humic acid, fulvic acid, humans, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, phospholipids, polyphenol complexes, terpenoids and other.

Some of the essential microelements such as zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, copper, nickel, cobalt, chrome and the like are present in it, as well.

Shilajit contributes to the transport of the minerals through the cell walls in our body, since its component – fulvic acid – helps dilate cell walls so the mineral supplements can enter the cell. In fact, fulvic acid is responsible for this process entirely. Yet, apart from it, Shilajit offers a long list of more than 85 minerals for our body.

Moreover, minerals then contribute to the breakdown of vitamins, since they behave as catalysts in this process. We can say that Shilajit resin is essential to normal function of the human body. It comes as no surprise that the Indian Yogis often referred to it as Amrita, the elixir of life.

The Effects of Shilajit

In Ayurveda practice, Shilajit is known as the “Destroyer of weakness” not only because of its healing powers, but the overall impact on health. In the Sanskrit Vedas, this belief is even written and taught to generations of Ayurvedic practitioners.

In modern times, even science acknowledges the Shilajit plant in which traces of Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones are found. This particular substance belongs to the class of antioxidants and a very potent and efficient one. Scientists believe that it can protect the nervous system (i.e. the brain and nerves) which is under the constant attack of free radicals. Thus, a scientific stamp of approval supports ancient Ayurvedic beliefs.

A particular study has occurred in which the patients took a daily dose of precisely 200 mg of Shilajit extract during a period of 15 days. The study has shown that they all exhibited higher levels of energy and the majority have noted they feel rejuvenated, in terms of their bodily function.

The study even included a hard workout, before and after which blood samples were taken from the participants. The results have shown that the energy component levels were intact. In scientific circles, this component is referred to as the “energizer bunny component” of Shilajit.

14 Top Benefits of Shilajit Resin
  1. It contains a great amount offulvic acid and humic acid. Fulvic acid helps Dibenzo Alpha Pyronesenter the cells inside our body. This antioxidant, naturally found in Shilajitthen helps better assimilation of vitamins and fight free radicals which damage the nervous system.
  2. Because of the all strong antioxidants in it, Shilajit resin can be used as a dietary supplement if you need to increase your general energy and stamina.
  3. It contributes to a more healthy overall bodily function and feelings of vigorousness.
  4. Thanks to the trace minerals in Shilajit, it can contribute to a faster metabolism.
  5. Faster metabolism is closely connected to weight loss, so this Ayurvedic wonder can help us control our weight and reduce craving.
  6. These same trace minerals participate in different processes including enzymes in the body.
  7. Natural Shilajit resin controls the levels of electrolytes and fluids found in the human body.
  8. The substances from Shilajit resin participate in the breakdown of all live nutrients which enter the body.
  9. It ensures the levels of hormones in the body are normal and affect their functioning properly.
  10. It reduces stress and helps our sleeping habits (by optimizing REM).
  11. Given all the ingredients naturally found in Shilajit, it also nurtures our neurological function and improves the synaptic response.
  12. It can also have several anti-aging effectsand can contribute to a more youthful skin and body.
  13. Shilajit can boost our immune system and help fight various diseases.
  14. Finally, it affectsthe blood sugar levels in our body by reducing them.
Daily Dosages of Shilajit Resin

On a daily basis, it is recommended that an adult person uses around 300-500 mg of Shilajit resin. This amounts to a pea-sized portion each day.

First effects can appear after about 6-8 weeks of regular use. In the beginning, you can use the smaller dosage of 300 mg and then add 100 mg per day gradually. You can dilute it in hot water (but non-chlorinated one), tea, milk or any other warm drink per choice.

Other Advice on Using Shilajit Resin

In order to use most of the Shilajit resin’s effects, your body needs to absorb as much of it as possible. To achieve this, it is better to take it on an empty stomach, before any meal, preferably in the morning.

It is important to be consistent in using this potent supplement and in no time you will be able to see how it can contribute to feeling more fit, healthy and overall satisfied.

Remember the following:

  • Take approximately 0.5 grof Shilajit resin (a pea-sized portion)
  • Mix it inwarm water, tea, milk, coffee or any other drink until it dissolves
  • Enjoy your daily dose of health which comes as a delicious drink
Possible Side Effects of Shilajit

In case your Shilajit is of poor quality, several side effects can occur. Often, on the market, you can find substances which are claimed to be Shilajit but are something entirely different. Make sure you avoid these frauds among the numerous sellers which have appeared ever since the market for Shilajit resin has expanded and become more popular.

At times, these supplements sold as Shilajit can contain fertilizers or heavy metals, which can result in major side effects which can damage our health. To avoid this, do make sure that the people who sell you Shilajit resin got these documents:

  • Product Liability Insurance which protects the buyer in case of anyharm to health
  • Certificate of Analysis which confirms that a product meets USA specifications
  • USA Seller’s Permit or a state license

Do not let the untrustworthy people sell you anything – be sure to get the right product.

Best Shilajit Resin You Can Buy

Best natural Shilajit resin should guarantee great quality, not only in gathering the good Shilajit but also in sophisticated preparation of the supplement. What we have to present to you is the best Shilajit resin made with artisanal skill and dedication. We wholeheartedly recommend you try our supplement which will provide you with the best of what this traditional Ayurvedic treasure has to offer.

Discover the full potential of Natural Shilajit Resin (!

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