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Ultraviolet blood irradiation- is it a miracle cure or a medical scam

blood irradiation

Blood irradiation is a new approach in treating infectious diseases and other health condition. It is being taunted as a miracle cure in treating cancer. There are claims however, there are also declaimers and medical communities are spit between calling it as a miracle cure and a medical scam.

What is blood irradiation?

Blood irradiation was first developed by two Russian medical researchers Meshalkin and Sergievsykiy and introduced it in as clinical procedure for cardiovascular abnormalities. The procedure has the blood drawn and exposed to low level laser light. A catheter is attached to a vein probably through a nose vessel and sometimes through a vessel in the arm. In 1981, the procedure is introduced as a treatment for infectious diseases like in Hepatitis and skin eczema. Through the years indications grew and conditions like HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, lump cancer, and psoriasis are treated with blood irradiation using light or ultraviolet light or UVL

Clinical benefits

Ultraviolet blood irradiation is said to give the following benefits

  1. Stimulation and activation of the immune system
  1. Increased production of red and white blood cells
  1. Has anti-inflammatory effects
  1. And improvements in the blood flow

Big hopes for cancer patients

Practitioners are claiming ultraviolet blood irradiation as a useful cancer treatment. It is used alongside or as part of a multi-pronged approach. Its ability to add new oxygen to the blood during the procedure makes it an ideal adjunctive therapy for cancer. It also allows reduction in pain in many cancer patients as it reduces inflammation. The device emitting ultraviolet light also used in treating lifestyle diseases like diabetes and rheumatoid. Detoxification procedure also goes well with the ultraviolet light irradiation therapy.

The therapy and device used

The current light blood irradiation device or hemo-irradiator is modifications of Dr.Knotts who invented the device used in his clinical studies in treating bacterial and viral infections in 1930’s. The device has been evaluated for treatment of infectious diseases and in addressing the need for alternative procedure in treating infectious diseases. There are also clinical evaluations for the device for the treatment of

Hepatitis infection. Currently, there are several models existing in the market and ULVrx is among the top providers of the device used in many clinic providers of Blood irradiation therapy.

Brighter future for infectious diseases patients

HIV is an infectious disease caused by HIV virus which weakened the immune system. With the big promise of blood irradiation therapy using UVL of stimulating and activating the immune system, patients have brighter future for survival. In damaged organs like in Hepatitis and lupus, the reactivation and stimulation of down immune system help patient hope for survival as well. The disease may not be totally eliminated however the oxidation of the blood through the therapy help patients see brighter future as survivors.

Blood irradiation using ultraviolet light or UBI is gaining close attention not only from medical communities because of contradicting opinions whether clinical claims and benefits are true or scam but also from patients who are looking for miracle cure for their diseases.

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