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What to expect during the third trimester of pregnancy

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The growing belly would be around 75 % of the way, but there are a lot of things at the back of your mind. Vaccination in pregnancy would be an area to address. It would seem to you that the belly is not going to become bigger than this. No doubts about it as the possibility could be that it would be much bigger once you reach the third trimester of pregnancy.

The third trimester tends to emerge once you touch upon 28 weeks of pregnancy. This would last till the time of birth and that means around 40 weeks of pregnancy. So you can say that the third trimester starts from the 7th month of pregnancy and extends to 9 months. The possibility of labor taking place early or later cannot be ruled out. In 30 % of the pregnancies it takes place after the 40 week mark. You can induce labor at your own end by trying a few natural tips, but once you touch 42 weeks you are considered to be overdue. The doctor is going to induce labor if it does not start on its own. By this time you are almost at the finish line. For this reason vaccination during pregnancy is something that is suggested.

The moment you reach the third trimester of pregnancy there are some changes which is expected on your body. With the baby inside the womb of the mother you are going to witness a lot of fetal activity. A lot of changes in the body are expected and the hump gets bigger and bigger

  • Abdominal itchiness- the round ligaments that support the lower abdomen of the body are stretching to accommodate the needs of the growing hump there is a feel of sharp pain or cramp. You cannot do much about it and take things easy.
  • Fatigue- You are likely to be feeling more zapped during this phase as pregnancy goes on to put a lot of demand on your body. Having a balanced diet and with proper sleep you can combat these issues when you are pregnant
  • Heartburn- When you touch the last few weeks of pregnancy the uterus is going to push the abdomen forward. If the issue does become a persistent discuss with your doctor about H2 blockers that is pretty much safe to be used during the tenure of pregnancy.
  • False contractions- This replicates a perfect situation where the body does start preparing from a labor point of view. The key would be to identify the true contractions from the false ones and the key word here would be progression.
  • Crazy dreams- it is all thanks to the pregnancy hormones once you are about to reach the due date of pregnancy you are likely to have some vivid dreams. There is nothing to worry about and you can consider it to a normal situation when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy might be a stage where your hormones are in overdrive motion and you might experience clumsiness.

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