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What you should add and Subtract from your Life When you turn Forty

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The midlife, the forties where everyone finally decides to take life seriously and are looking to make changes in their lifestyle. You should have made these changes in your twenties but it is never too late to change your lifestyle.  

The forties are the most important and crucial time in your life. It doesn’t mean that you are old but your body is changing and so is your mental health. You need to do a lot of things to adjust to the body changes.  

So, if you haven’t thought of changing your lifestyle a little bit you should try to think about it especially if you are hitting forty soon. Here are the few things you should add and a few things you should subtract from your life when you turn forty.  

Take Care of Your Mental Health and Sleep Well: 

  • Destress and relax, it is really important to relax on the weekends. By spending time with your loved one or with yourself. Even during the weekdays at work take a five-minute breather every couple of hours. Studies prove that if you take a break you perform better at work.  
  • Go out and spend time with nature. Taking a stroll at night or in the morning every day can help you relax and walking releases endorphins which makes you happier. You should also go on a small getaway weekend every few months, preferably outdoors, reconnecting with nature helps.  
  • Don’t sit all day, if you work a desk job like most people do these days stand at your desk for ten minutes. Try to stand for ten minutes every hour. This will keep your muscles engaged and will keep you active. Sitting all day makes you lazy.  
  • Sleep properly, sleep eight hours a day and try to sleep in a quiet environment in, appropriate conditions. Invest in a good quality mattress and good bedding so that you can relax.  
  • Forgo your screens one hour before bed, screens make you tired but they also make it harder to fall asleep, your brain stay active too long.  
  • Don’t eat after nine pm, food should be consumed at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed, undigested food causes a lot of problems. 
  • Do yoga and meditation, meditation is such a good way to find time to relax and it helps you destress. 

Change Your Diet: 

If you want to live a healthy life and spend the forties and after staying healthy. Especially if you have been going through a whiplash car accident and you are recovering from it. Here are the changes you should make in your diet if you want to stay healthy. 

  • Eat less, you are not a goat who will eat as long as it can. Take small meals and take no more than three meals a day. Each more vegetables and eat less red meat, you don’t want to increase the risk of a heart attack.  
  • Eat fish and other healthy proteins. It is important to get your protein but it is even more important to get it from a better source. It is also better to drink full-fat milk especially if you are someone who works out.  
  • Don’t eat processed foods, don’t eat frozen foods both of them is a big no. You should avoid eating hot dogs and other things that have nothing but a preservative in them. Don’t eat packaged chips and snack, try to keep it light and healthy,  
  • Switch it up, take olive oil and make your food in olive oil instead of other kinds of oil. Don’t take a lot of butter. Moreover, avoid sugar, rice, and potatoes. Try to limit rice and potatoes as they are hard to give up.  
  • Try to avoid alcohol, don’t drink too much, and respect your liver. Take probiotics and don’t forget to add fruits in your diet.  

Exercise and Take Care of Your Body: 

  • Get at a yearly physical checkup so that you know what is going on with your body, check for cervical cancer if you are a woman and prostate cancer if you are a man.  
  • Don’t go for surgeries, if your doctor recommends surgeries for something take a second or third opinion. Don’t go for surgery unless it is necessary.  
  • Exercise is necessary, go to gym lift weights and work out. It is really important to keep your muscles active, but don’t go too crazy. Ask your trainer to advice as to what you should do and what you should avoid. Especially if you have suffered from an injury before.  
  • Become an early riser. The earlier you wake up the more active you will stay throughout the day. Multiple studies conclude that those who wake up late stay lazy all day and this causes stress and anxiety.  
  • Get involved in a new sport, try to start golf and maybe something else if golf is not your calling. You can take up swimming or run if you like.  
  • Walk to places, the more you walk the better it is for you. Walking saves up money and helps you stay healthy. Plus, walking makes you happy lookup it is proven. 

Some Other things You Should do: 

  • Find some time to be with your partner, being with your partner is essential. Humans do not do well alone; you must go on dates with your partner and spend time with them.  
  • Keep a healthy company, it is good if you find a good group of friends that you can hang out with. Go out with them and enjoy every few weeks.  
  • Plan healthy activities, when you go out with friends and family don’t sit around all day go hiking and camping.  

There you have it, the ultimate checklist of what life changes you should make when you turn forty. Don’t think you are old yet, forty doesn’t mean you are old it just means that your body is changing and that is why you should make a few changes to adapt better.

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