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Why you should consider putting lahsun in your meals

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Garlic is one such ingredient which is used right from Italian cuisine to Indian cuisine and has become an irreplaceable part of food across the world. Be it your favorite chicken curry or the outlandish garlic bread; they would not have tasted the same if it were not for garlic. What is that one thing that comes to your mind when you think about garlic? Definitely, its exquisite taste and intense aroma. Putting garlic in ordinary bread can zest up its flavor, so obviously adding it to other dishes will take their taste a notch higher. But, if you think that this was the only use of garlic then you are certainly wrong, keep on reading further to know the other benefits of garlic.

Weight management

Lahsun in English is called garlic. It helps in weight management and blood circulation. Enriched with selenium, Vitamin C and B6, garlic stops the chromosome defects and damages. Weight loss isn’t very easy and needs consistency and continuous motivation. A small habit can go a long way and eating raw garlic the first thing in the morning can be very beneficial. It improves digestion and helps in detoxifying the body.

Effective in reducing sugar levels

Lahsunhas the potential to help manage your blood sugar level and eating garlic regularly can lower fasting blood glucose. Garlic does not have carbohydrates in it, and that is why it will not increase your sugar level. You can make different types of garlic spread and mix it in your meals instead of having butter or salad dressing.

Boost hearthealth

The presence of allicin in garlic can reduce triglycerides. Allicin is a type of antioxidant associated with lowering cholesterols and blood pressure levels. Eatinggarlic extracts or garlic powder is much more beneficial. Garlic can even add flavor to the food without having the need to add salt.

Boosting immunity

Since garlic is enriched with antioxidants, it plays a vital role in fighting various ailments. It has the ability to boost your immune system by increasing the production rate of your natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are cells that kill all the invading bacteria and pathogens. Garlic also helps in fighting common cold and flu so the next time you catch a cold, try eating a bowl of salad with a lot of raw garlic in it.


The sulfur present inchopped or crushed garlic is effective in protecting against organ damage from heavy metal toxicity. Garlic also reduces the lead levels in the blood and many clinical signs of toxicity, including headaches and blood pressures.

Improves bone health

Garlic can increase the level of estrogen in women and reduce the loss of bone. This shows that garlic has beneficial effects on bone health and might also be helpful for osteoarthritis.

Garlic is really easy to include in your current diet. It complements almost all spicy foods, and the strong taste of garlic can add a punch to foods that are otherwise bland and plain. However, the best way to get the maximum benefits out of garlic is to eat it raw in the morning. The strong smell might make it difficult for you to eat it raw, so you shouldfirst soak the peeled cloves overnight in water and then eat it the next morning.

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