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Why You Should See a Family Physician Assistant

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Most people will avoid seeing an assistant when visiting a health facility because they think they are not trained, experienced, or knowledgeable. However, this is an assumption since a family medicine physician assistant San Antonio receives training similar to a family doctor and works closely with nurses and other healthcare professionals. Thus, you should not shy away from seeing a family physician assistant, especially if you live in remote areas, which makes medical access difficult. Additionally, the assistants offer online treatments, which are costly and easily accessible. They may advocate for your health as they work closely with different professionals. These are the benefits of seeing a family medicine physician assistant.

They Treat the Whole Family

The family medicine physician assistant will treat the whole family, allowing your household to access medical attention. Sometimes it might be difficult to access medical services if you live in remote areas. Letting the whole family travel from remote areas to the city for treatments is challenging. Most family medicine physician assistants work in clinics in rural areas under the leadership of doctors in urban areas. However, even if they work under another doctor, they are knowledgeable and will deal with issues affecting your family effectively.

They Offer Preventive Care

The family medicine physician assistants offer preventive care as they work with a patient for an extended time and will know if they are predisposed to a certain health condition. They might recommend vaccinations that prevent health complications such as COVID-19. Additionally, they might notice health issues early, making it easy to deal with them before they develop serious issues. For instance, it is easy to deal with malignant moles before they become skin cancer.

They Advocate For Your Health

The family medicine physician assistant will advocate for your health, making it possible to get the necessary treatments. For instance, they may collaborate with specialized doctors who treat cardiovascular problems. They easily share information with doctors and compare notes making it possible to achieve the right diagnosis and treatments.

They Understand Your Medical History

They understand your medical history, making it possible to deal with health problems in the future. For instance, if your family is prone to breast cancer, they would offer frequent checkups and diagnose any growths in the breast to prevent breast cancer. Hereditary issues are easy to treat if the doctor understands your medical history.

They Guide Patients through the Complicated Healthcare System

Sometimes the healthcare system might look complicated, especially if you don’t understand the medical terminologies used by health providers. Thus, you may rely on the family medicine physician assistant as they will help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plans. They may recommend certain doctors if the health condition is above their knowledge, making it possible to deal with health complications.


A family medicine physician assistant is among the health sector’s key pillars, but most people will avoid seeing them. They receive training similar to family doctors and work closely with other healthcare professionals. Thus, you should let your family see them, especially if you live in remote areas. The family medicine physician assistant who works in remote locations might work under a family doctor, but they offer the best care for the whole family.

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