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3 Things You Must Do Before Visiting the Dentist

3 Things You Must Do Before Visiting the Dentist

Every time we go to the dentist, the first thing they ask us is: did we take care of our teeth before coming to them. It’s like a lie test. They’re going to see for themselves in just a few seconds, but they need to remind us that before going to the dentist we should’ve taken care of our teeth.

Going to the dentist is a must. No matter if there’s a problem or not, visiting the dental office is something that we all must do in order to keep our mouth hygiene up to a respectable level. However, before going to the dentist, we have to do our homework first. Here are the three things we must do every day if we want to have perfect dental care.

Brush before bed

Brushing your teeth should begin the first moment you have teeth in your mouth. Yes, we’re talking about baby teeth. If you’re a parent you probably know that you’re baby’s teeth should be brushed daily, but without toothpaste.

Once the child is grown enough to have strong teeth, they need to use toothpaste too. Since this moment, every person needs to brush their teeth daily. The dentists suggest that brushing the teeth is recommended after every meal. If this is not possible, then you absolutely must do it before going to bed.

Once a day, before going to bed is essential. Your teeth accumulate food leftovers between them. This food slowly starts decomposing and becoming dirt. If you don’t brush your teeth and take this dirt out, it starts eating the gums and the teeth. This will soon create caries and caries aside from ruining the teeth is also painful and creates awful breath.

When caries happens there’s no going back. You must go to the dentist and fix the problem. If you don’t do it, caries will slowly eat the tooth from the inside and out and completely devastate it making it useless. Learn more about when it’s time to start brushing on this link.


Flossing is highly important in everyone’s personal oral hygiene. The simple brushing with a toothbrush is not always the perfect option as the brush can’t reach the small holes between the teeth. This is why you need to floss before you brush your teeth.

Flossing is not complicated and is also something you should do right after the meal. As we already said, food tends to get stuck inside places so small that we can’t even see, but are big enough to create huge problems. Flossing will take this food out.

The floss is actually a tiny thread used to go between teeth where the holes are too small for the toothbrush to go in. That’s why it’s recommended flossing together with the brushing. The floss will take care of food that’s stuck, and the brushing will take care of wiping everything out of the dental area.

It’s perfect flossing after every meal, but just as we said about brushing, flossing must be done at least once, preferably before going to bed.

Be gentle on the teeth

Be gentle on the teeth

Even though teeth are made very strong and we can break very solid things with them, it’s not recommended we actually do that. The outside hard surface of the teeth is made of calcium which is a very hard mineral able to break other strong materials. However, it’s not almighty. That’s why you should take good care of it. See more about the structure of the human tooth on this link:

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try not to break foods with your teeth. They might not get damaged right away, but with time, the dentin or the outside layer of the tooth will get ruined and your teeth might break in half or completely fall off.

What foods you shouldn’t try breaking with your teeth? All kinds of nuts, bones, and let’s not even talk about exhibitionism with non-food materials. Human mouth and teeth are made mainly for tearing-up meat. Humans are carnivores since their beginnings and were not created to break bones, like alligator’s teeth, for example.

So keep your teeth in perfect condition by not putting them up to a test of endurance, floss them and brush them every evening before going to bed, and your dentist will be very happy.

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