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4 Benefits You May Receive From Same-Day Crowns Treatment

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A dental crown or cap can help conceal broken or decayed teeth and improve their appearance. The improved appearance of your decayed or broken tooth means you will have a more attractive smile. Furthermore, although dental crowns cover decaying or fractured teeth, they can also help make them more functional as they are made stronger and more durable. Another advantage is that you can get San Antonio same day crowns. Because of the technological advancements in the dental field, a digital impression of your mouth can be captured and utilized in creating and fitting your customized crowns within the same day.

The process takes about 60-90 minutes. On the other hand, fabricating and installing traditional dental crowns used to take about 1-2 weeks.

Subsequently, below are the benefits you may get from preferring same-day dental crown treatment over traditional crown treatment.

1. Saves time

One of the main excuses people give for not going to the dentist is lack of time. Initially, you had to wait a few weeks before your dentist could install your crowns. Therefore, there is always a high possibility that you may miss a return visit to the dentist’s office.

However, same-day crown treatment eliminates the need for a return visit to the dentist’s office. Your dentist can design and implant your crowns within 60 or 90 minutes.

Therefore, even with a tight schedule, you can find time for your dental treatment before returning to work, going back home, or continuing with your other daily activities.

2. No need for temporary dental crowns

You should attend at least two appointments about two weeks apart to get a traditional crown.

In that period, your dentist will want you to have temporary dental crowns to protect the teeth or filling and prevent any teeth shifting that may make it more challenging to fix a permanent crown.

Temporary crowns often look unnatural and thus are not beautiful.

Also, since you do not get temporary dental crowns, you do not have to make another visit to your dentist to get permanent crowns.

3. Fits mouth perfectly

There is also a high chance that your temporary crowns will not be made to fit your mouth perfectly since they are a short-term solution. Because temporary dental crowns are loose fitting in your mouth, they will feel uncomfortable and may detach from the dental cement.

Because temporary crowns feel uncomfortable in your mouth, you may find it difficult to chew, speak, or brush your teeth.

But, with same-day crowns, the dentist will take time and rely on 3D digital scans and a special milling machine to get an exact impression of your teeth and enable the creation of fitting dental crowns.

If the resulting crowns do not fit correctly, your dentist can use the existing latest technology to tweak them accordingly.

4. No dental putty

Traditional crowns treatment involves using a dental putty, which your dentist inserts into your mouth to take a manual impression of your teeth and adjacent structures. An impression material like alginate often makes your mouth messy and makes you feel uncomfortable.

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