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5 Heart-Healthy Exercises To Lose Weight

5 Heart Healthy Exercises To Lose Weight

When you’re looking to lose a few pounds, you know it’s going to involve getting your heart rate up and blood pumping on a daily basis. You’re probably looking to make the most out of the little time you have, so it’s best to choose exercises that will give back the most return on investment.

Below, here are a few ways to get quicker and longer lasting results from your daily workouts.


1.) ZUMBA – If you do an online search for Zumba class instructors near you, it can be your quickest path to getting fast results through cardio and aerobic workouts … along with a few dance moves while you’re at it. Half the battle to starting your routine is simply joining and participating as a group. In addition to the benefit that physical trainers and coaches can provide, workout routines performed in a group setting is just more fun and increase everyone’s motivation to keep going.


2.) ISOMETRICS – That’s right, practicing isometric poses daily can produce amazing results. Whether it’s lifting and holding weights, or balancing in a specific yoga position, this particular exercise will tone up certain muscle groups that would otherwise not see adequate exercise.

Dr. David Williams notes that by restricting blood flow through isometric techniques, this will stimulate new muscle growth. He further recommends using isometrics in particular for preventing age-related muscle loss. This can start happening as early as our thirties and forties.


3.) ROWING – If you enjoy fishing, or just getting out on a lake or nearby river, it’s the perfect way to give your cardiovascular system some exercise while getting a full body workout. It might come as a surprise, but rowing is actually considered one of the most efficient exercises you can do to affect all muscle groups according to HarpersBazaar. If you don’t have access to a boat or a lake, the next best idea is to use your local gym’s rowing machine … or buy one.


4.) BIKING – When in motion, stay in motion! Bicycling can be a fitness blast, whether you’re heading out for a mountain or a city adventure. Maybe even just letting the TV navigate as you ride that exercise bike.

In any case, the great benefit is for cardio purposes, strengthening the leg groups, and can be fun in either solo or group capacity. If you’re looking for a great bike, one of the best custom shops in the USA is Brooklyn Bicycle Company. They’ll even have bikes shipped to a local dealer near you, using their unique Buy & Ride program.


5.) POWER WALKING – Nothing is as simple as going out for a walk. You might want to mix the lengths you’re walking over time, and the paces you run between running, jogging, and power walking. As puts it: “Thousands of doctors recommend it. Hundreds of studies extol its benefits. It’s simple. It’s enjoyable. You can do it virtually anywhere. And when it’s done right, walking can blast away fat as fast as jogging can—maybe faster.”

Keep in mind with the exercises above, they will be burning up those calories! So make sure to eat heart-healthy and drink plenty of fluids. Consider enjoying a nice pasta dish with veggies the night before your training or heavy workout days. According to Fitday, you should be loading up on high carbs the day before the big game. It’s a tactic that athletes often employ to help raise energy levels for intense fitness workouts and increased stamina for aerobic exercise.

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