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Should I Go For Upper Eyelid Surgery Covered By Insurance

Eyelid Surgery

Undergoing eyelid surgery might mean shelling out some of your money, but it does not mean you shell out too much. You don’t have to go for a super expensive eyelid surgery just to achieve the desired outcome. If you’ve already cleared your negative thoughts about this type of procedure and you’re now looking into the cost, it is advisable to choose an eyelid surgery backed by insurance.

Does Insurance Cover Eyelid Surgery?

When it comes to insured eyelid surgery, there are several factors considered by Medicare and most insurance carriers in order to pay all of a part of the eyelid surgery cost. Generally, in an upper eyelid surgery covered by insurance, the eyelid of the patients restrict the line of vision which causes to disrupted normal routines such as writing, reading, driving, among others. In order to avail an eyelid surgery that is covered by insurance, phots need to be submitted and they must show an evident narrowing of the eye opening. Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks, up to months in determining the applicability of insurance.

What’s special about Medicare Coverage?

If you’ve heard someone saying that Medicare covers everything, then it’s not true. With Medicare coverage, the preference to cover eyelid surgery will not be made until the claims are not submitted to the doctor’s office. If you’re looking for a medicare coverage that has no pre-approval for eyelid surgery, then you might want to check out some Traditional Medicare offers. However, there are also some Medicare policies that have predetermining processes, which are similar to standard commercial insurance carriers. Keep in mind that eyelid surgery is considered to be cosmetic most of the time. Furthermore, referral from an eye doctor does not always guarantee that the procedure will be covered. But anyway, it still deserves an effort. When it works, it can help you cut down your eyelid surgery expenses- and that’s a good reason why you must pick eyelid surgery that is covered by insurance.

If you’re a Medicare patient who is having an eyelid surgery, you will be required to fill out Medicare’s Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage or ABN, telling that you clearly understand and agree with the financial liability in the event that Medicare policy does not cover your eyelid surgery. In the same way, patients who choose to proceed with the procedure that seem to be not covered by Medicare needs to sign the same form telling that the surgery is considered as a non-covered, hence will not be covered by Medicare.



If you are considering eyelid surgery from the best eyelid surgeon Sydney, you need to be clear on your goal and expectation and discuss with your doctor. Bear in mind that the main goal of undergoing eyelid surgery is to eliminate those extra fats and skin around your eyes in order to give you a younger, more refreshed and alert look. Most patients are usually impressed with the result, especially when it’d done by a reputed surgeon.

You’ve learned enough about eyelid surgery covered by medical insurance. It is likely that you also have an idea how expensive this type of procedure could be. Hence, if there’s a way that you can avail Medicare insurance, go for it. It can help you save a lot in the long run!

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