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5 Ways to Quit Smoking


If you have been finding ways to put a halt on your smoking habit, then you are not alone. As the years go by, more people are finally welcoming the idea of quitting the urge for a cigarette. This may be due to the increased awareness of smoking-related illnesses, like lung cancer, or to protect one’s family. Whatever your reason is, as with any addiction, quitting smoking will prove easier said than done. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you achieve this goal. Take a look at the best ways to quit smoking.


1. Personal Discipline:

Most people prefer to quit smoking the natural way, sort of waking up one morning and just decide to finally stop the habit. While this may be an attractive idea, it only worked with 10% of those who actually attempted the method alone. It requires a lot of discipline and self-control. Meaning, you need to have a strong motivation from keeping yourself in reaching for a cigarette stick. Plus, it can be very frustrating once you fail to keep it up, making you think that maybe you can’t really do it, so you end up going back to this old habit

2. Behavioural Therapy:

Seeing a therapist is one of the most effective ways to help you quit smoking. They are going to ask you some questions, which will help them analyse your trigger factors. Once you realize this, you can then find ways to control your cravings by preventing or evading the triggers. With every successful evasion, you become more confident of your ability to say no to smoking

3. Nicotine Replacement:

The nicotine content in the cigarette is most likely the reason why most cannot quit smoking and you may not even realize this at all. You can find various nicotine replacements in the market in the form of gums, inhalers, patches, and lozenges. This is especially good for those who have been smoking for several years, and their body has already developed a craving for nicotine. However, with this method, you are still at great risks of the health problems associated with nicotine

medication-14. Medication:

Drug companies have already developed medications to help a person quit smoking. However, you need to consult a doctor for the best medication that will work best for you, to ensure that it will not trigger other complications in your body.

5. Combination treatment:

Combining two or three of the methods presented above will greatly increase your success in finally quitting your smoking habit. You can choose to combine nicotine replacement with behavioural therapy, or using 2-3 kinds of nicotine replacements, whatever you find easier to adopt.

The initial phase of quitting smoking is the toughest; it will take all your willpower to resist lighting a cigarette. That’s why it is very important to avoid putting yourself in a position where you might be tempted or goaded to smoke, such as going out with friends who does. It is likewise important to keep a positive outlook, telling yourself that you can really do it. Each time you’re able to resist a craving; you are also getting better control of yourself, which intensifies your belief and goal to succeed.

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