6 Taper Fade Natural Hair Styles To Try This Year


Taper fade natural hair is ideal for ladies who need a short haircut with a lot of styling options. The extended sections throughout the top give you the freedom to come up with the best look that matches with your sense of fashion and personality. The only thing you need to achieve these beautiful styles is the right hair products and styling tools.

We have researched and listed the following taper fade haircuts that give you comfortable lengths, striking silhouettes, and also beautiful hair shade ideas. Your natural style will look sass and fresh thanks to stylish tapering. Would you want to give it a try? Let’s go.

  1. Carefree Natural Spirals.

One thing you should always remember when handling unprocessed hair is that you should let it just be. Pampering it with hair products or trying to modify it into all shapes that come into your mind can give you a lacklustre look we are sure you will not like.

Rather than all that drama, utilise just some moulding pomade on the hair and concentrate on trying to play up your facial features with things such as highlighters and false lashes.

  1. Taper Fade Hairdo.

Reveal the colour of sunshine with your natural hair taper fade haircut that mimics a rainbow. Since your means are short, don’t try to fix so many shades in there. Choose two or more colours such as burgundy and brown and stick to them. The final look will be lovely.

  1. Tapered Straw Set.

Natural hair is adaptable especially when it comes to different textures. Ensure you make the right choice of tools you are going to use. However, to create thin and tight curls, you don’t have to look further to get the tools since you have them there-straws! This drinking utensil comes in handy when setting wet hair.

  1. Natural Curls with Curves.

Women with an angular or square face find it challenging when they want to add softness in their hair without free layers. Follow the pattern of the wave of the subtle curls and have the hairline shaved into a curved shape to give a beautiful framing of your face and draw attention to the cheekbones.

  1. Short Burgundy Haircut.

Black ladies spend so much money to purchase weaves and relaxers. That is unnecessary especially with this taper fade haircut that makes you look beautiful naturally with just subtle twist on your natural hair.

 Tapered hair is not only romantic but effortless to keep too-something many women will appreciate as well. Paint your hair a shiny burgundy colour to refresh it.

  1. Full Tapered Look.

Though most taper fade cuts involve shearing all sides, this one takes a different route. It gives cropped look while keeping the curls averagely full.

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