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Personal Trainer: Should You Get One? Benefits, Process & Tips


What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are professionals who are certified as experts in fitness and the coaching of others in exercise and health-related goals. Personal training for the purpose of meeting health and fitness goals is a relatively new profession, launched in the 20th century. Cultures like the ancient Greeks had athletic coaches, but they were generally employed to help train and develop the strength to be good soldiers.

The first real personal trainer was a man from California called Jack Lalanne. He opened the founding health club in 1936 in Oakland. Following this he wandered the streets looking for customers, unofficially starting the profession of personal training. The American College of Sports Medicine is the professional body that certifies the vocation in the US, and it opened in 1954 on the back of Lalanne’s legacy.

How can a personal trainer help you? A PT can encourage you to meet your health goals by coming up with a personalized training plan, and then motivating you and holding you accountable. Research studies confirm the efficacy of this approach in meeting health-related goals. One study looked at long-term behavioral changes in response to introducing an exercise program with a personal trainer. The researchers concluded that working with a trainer on exercise goals and increasing physical activity levels were effective agents for change.3

The trainer will show you the proper techniques and body postures for the exercises, and this will significantly reduce your risk of injury. They also have professional knowledge of nutrition, so you can get advice about your eating habits and incorporate it into your plan.1 A qualified personal trainer may recommend that you take a certain pre workout supplement, or a natural testosterone support product like HexoFire Delta Prime – it all depends on your specific needs.

What qualifications does a personal trainer have?

In order to become a personal trainer professionally, you have to study to be a fitness instructor first at any number of colleges and private institutes. To become an instructor, you have to take three diplomas in fitness and exercise instruction. To progress in the field, there are higher-level diplomas in fitness and personal training. At this point, there is a certification you can do called Level 3 Award in Conversion of Advanced Fitness Instructor to Personal Trainer Status. 5 Once you’ve completed this program, you’re an official trainer and can register for professional certification from the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) or National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT). Personal trainers also have to complete a certification in CPR and purchase public liability insurance.

Who can benefit from working with a personal trainer?

For the most part, everyone can benefit from the services of a personal trainer. Besides the physical rewards, there are also many mental health perks to exercising regularly. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a personal trainer.

Losing Weight

You can work with a trainer to maintain your weight. These professionals are qualified to talk to you about nutrition, and they can show you which exercises will help you lose the most weight.

Gaining Muscle

The trainer will teach you which exercises will help you build up muscle, and they will also give you advice on your diet. They’ll discuss with you how and what to eat to maximize your muscle-building potential.


The personal trainer will show you the proper technique for lifting the equipment, which will greatly lessen your chance of injury. They will reinforce the proper techniques during your sessions. They will also show you how to warm up and warm down properly, in a way that doesn’t damage your muscles.

Training for a Specific Event

Sometimes you plan to enter a specific sporting competition or event, and you want to train for that purpose. The PT will come up with a plan of action for the time period that you have. You’ll work on the very specific set of exercises and training you’ll need for that event. They will also advise you on nutrition.

Online Clients

What about people who live in remote places, or have physical issues that prevent them from leaving the house? Or people who are so busy, they can’t get in a meeting? There are apps nowadays you can use to get your personal trainer to work with you via smartphone. The reports on using these are quite mixed, with some people finding them very helpful and others disliking them immensely.

What is the process like?

Working with a trainer is an experience everyone should have at least once. Here is a person who is completely focused on you and your fitness and health goals throughout each session. Initially, the two of you will meet to discuss your reason for getting a trainer and your goals. The trainer will evaluate you and start working on a personalized plan. It will generally involve working out three days a week, and the trainer will be with you the whole time. At a certain point, you may feel like you have achieved your goals and no longer need the trainer. It’s quite normal to go your separate ways after a period of time, but you can continue and work on new goals if you choose to.

Getting the Most Benefit from Your Personal Training Sessions

Training costs money, and you want to make sure you get the most out of the sessions. Here are some tips to get the most out of your training sessions.

  • Arrive on time, dress properly, and be ready to work out. Try to arrive a little in advance and start warming up.
  • Put your full effort into each session, but don’t overexert yourself. You could injure yourself that way.
  • Don’t miss sessions with your trainer. Their time is very valuable.
  • Take your trainer’s advice. The trainer is an expert. For example, if s/he suggests that you take certain supplements, consider it.
  • Pay close attention when the trainer teaches technique, and periodically ask if you’re doing it correctly. Hopefully, the trainer will correct you first.

Where to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

Personal trainers work in numerous locations, including gyms and health clubs, community centers, fitness centers, and privately. You can find the private trainers online, and there’s a big selection. The first thing to consider is your price range and Have an initial meeting with several trainers before you make a final decision.

When you meet with each trainer, first check their qualifications. Get an idea of how the person works and how they communicate. In terms of philosophy and goals, do the two of you match? How comfortable do you feel with the trainer? Qualifications are very important, but sometimes it’s just a matter of the chemistry between you.

Are personal trainers expensive?

The cost of hiring a personal trainer varies widely depending on the location. A trainer at an exclusive gym will be expensive, but a PT at a community center will be much more affordable. The general range is from $45-$125, but there are some high-end gyms where they charge much more. Besides location, other factors influencing price are how fit you are, the professional status of the personal trainer, and the duration of each meeting. Naturally, the most highly skilled and sought-after personal trainers charge the most.

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