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A Brief Intro About The Smok Novo Pods

Smok Novo Pods

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, and everyone knows that. Even then people smoke simply because they cannot give up the habit. What more, few even smokes for style, especially the young generation. For these people, here comes the smok novo pods that will satisfy the urge of smoking and also reduce the risk of health issues, well, to some extent. New to it? Here are a few things that you should know about this device. Yes, device it is, and not a cigarette. It will still give you the pleasure of smoking because of its design and mechanism.

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The new design

Ideally, these smok Novo pods is the best thing for vaping and is liked and used by more than half of the adults in the US. This newly designed and carefully engineered device is actually a button triggered pod system. Designed by Smok, one of the leading names in the vaping industry, these specific smok pods has taken the place of Juul, which was a huge hit. This is primarily because these are the best alternatives that you can also customize to better your vaping experience. You can vape just as you want to and whenever you wish to.

About the device

Talking about the device, the actual vape measures 3.7 by 1.1-inch. It weighs near about 2.8 ounces making it a perfect device for those casual vapers who do not want to carry a huge mod along with them. You will get these devices in different colors, thirteen to be precise, six of which are solid colors with cobra skin design overlay and seven of these come in blended resin color. It is powered with an 1100 mAh battery that charges quickly. Therefore, no more worrying about a dying or dead device. Simply press the button five times to turn the Nord on and enjoy smoking.

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