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A Guide on Magellan Health Insurance Cover for Addiction Treatment

Health Insurance

When you choose your health insurance plan, there are many reasons to select a policy that covers substance abuse treatment services. The Magellan alcohol rehab and treatment plans are recommended because they can cover essential detoxification periods too. Make sure that you have potential treatment and detox approved before you enter a program.

Choosing the Right Plan for Coverage

It is recommended to choose a plan with LifeResources coverage to pay for any potential drug or alcohol rehab service. The duration of the treatment covered under the plan varies based on what is considered essential during your private counseling. The covered duration can have the following options:

  • Covers maximum cost of up to $3500 annually for outpatient treatment
  • Maximum of 28 days of annual inpatient treatment

If it is required that you receive addiction treatment at a luxury facility, it can be covered under the plan if it is pre-approved.

Inpatient & Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The level of coverage you get for Magellan alcohol rehab program depends on:

  • Whether you are in need of inpatient or outpatient treatment
  • You are choosing a network provider

If it for inpatient treatment at one of their network providers, almost all the costs can be covered if there is pre-approval. If it is a facility off their network, you may receive up to 50% coverage for the costs.

When it comes to outpatient rehab programs, there is 10% co-pay. The rest of the costs are covered by the insurance company for a network facility. The cost-coverage for out of network facilities is 50%.

It is recommended to choose Magellan Behavioral Health cover. It can also cover treatment for mental health issues that may be associated with the addiction problem. So make sure to get the duration and conditions pre-approved when choosing a policy from this company.

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