Roger Olade Highlights the Landscape of Internal Medicine


Internal medicine is an incredibly popular and common medical specialty. This specialty is largely concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diverse types of adult diseases and ailments. The physicians who specialize in the domain of internal medicine are typically referred to as internists. These internists are essentially trained, qualified and skilled in managing patients who have multi system or undifferentiated disease processes. As the Arizona based medical professional, Roger Olade, internists even provide their care to hospitalized and ambulatory patients. They can even play a major role in the domain of teaching and research relating to medical science. In addition to practicing in Arizona, Dr. Olade is known to be a board certified internist in Houston. He is a unique medical professional who follows an action oriented approach towards medical care.

In most cases as internal medicine patients require quite complex investigations and suffer from severe pain or illness, internists have to conduct majority of their work in hospitals. A few internists may even have various subspecialty interests in ailments and disorders that have distinct organs or organ systems.

Roger Olade talks about the important aspects of internal medicine

Internists are usually fully qualified to preside over the regular physical exams of patient. These professionals are at times referred to as the “doctor’s doctor”. The reason behind this being that these professionals often act as consultants to various other physicians who want to analyze any time of challenging diagnostic health concerns.

While people might confuse internists with typical family doctors, they essentially are not the same. The biggest difference between them is the ages of the patients whom they treat. Family physicians tend to treat patients of all ages, right from infants to senior citizens. They treat diverse types of ailments, starting from simple backache. However, internal medicine doctors on the other hand only tend to provide their care to adults who are of eighteen years of age or older.

A few important aspects of the job of internists have been mentioned in the following pointers:

  • Internists tend to send many years in renowned institutions where they undergo intensive training and education that is required to become experts in their distinct fields. These professionals ideally spend a minimum of seven years in medical school and postgraduate training. At least three of those years are typically spend in thoroughly studying complex adult diseases. These professionals ideally are prepared to handle an extensive spectrum of ailments. In addition to this, a number of internal medicine residents aim to complete about one to four year fellowship. These fellowships are done in subspecialties like cardiology, infectious disease, rheumatology, genetics, as well as sports medicine.
  • According to Roger Olade, many of the specialty doctors rely on the professional advice and support of renowned internists in case of any health issues. These professionals are largely trusted for their high amount of skills and knowledge for diagnosing and treating disorders.
  • Internists are generally are proficient in solving various types of complex diagnostic puzzles and are considered to be truly live savers. Severe health problems, as well as chronic ailments might not often be what they seem to look like. Internists tend to make the best use of their extensive knowledge and specialized experience in order to determine the exact health problem and subsequently find the best solution.

Due to the important services offered by them, internal medicine practitioners usually become an integral part of any healthcare unit.

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