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All You Need to Know About CAT Scans


A CT scan or CAT scan is the best option that a doctor has to take a look at the inside of your body. The whole process of CAT scan is a combination of X-rays and a computer that helps to create detailed images of your bones, organs, and tissues. You might be wondering why not go for the good old X-ray? As it turns out, CAT scans produce a clearer and more detailed image than an X-ray.

A trained radiographer can take a CAT scan of any part of the body. The whole procedure doesn’t take very long and is completely painless.

How Does a CAT Scan Work?

A CAT scan involves the use of X-ray beam that focuses on one part of your body and provides a series of clear images from various angles. A computer is used to create a cross-sectional picture by using these images. The advanced technology used in CAT scans is able to produce a 3D image, which helps a doctor to study your bones, blood vessels, and organs.

The Uses of CAT Scans

A CAT scan is one of the most common radiological procedures in the world. Radiographers in Australia conduct CAT scans for a number of purposes, including diagnosing a disease affecting any organ or tissue of the body, guiding sensitive medical procedures, like needle biopsies, and assessing the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

The Procedure of CAT Scans

You would ideally have to visit a radiology clinic or a hospital for a CAT scan. Your doctor will most probably advise you to not eat or drink anything for a couple of hours before the procedure. You will also have to remove any jewellery that you’re wearing.

You will have to lie down on a table that’ll go inside a large CT machine. The table will slowly move inside the scanner, allowing the X-rays to circle around the specific body part. It’s highly recommended that you lie absolutely still during the scanning process. This is because any movement could result in the image getting blurred. Also, depending on the nature of the CAT scan, you might have to hold your breath during the scanning. For a more detailed explanation of the CAT scan procedure, log on to

Is a CAT Scan Harmful?

All medical imaging procedures that involve the use of X-ray expose you to ionizing radiation. It is said that this exposure can increase the risk of developing cancer. The truth is that if a low dosage of radiation is used, the risk is so minimal that it cannot even be measured. However, owing to the fact that the risk can increase, doctors don’t advise a CAT scan unless there’s an obvious medical benefit.

CAT scans do not have a very lengthy procedure. However, the exact duration of a CAT scan cannot be mentioned. It depends on what part of the body is being analysed. It’s safe to say that a CAT scan can take a few minutes and it can also take half an hour. But it’s guaranteed that you’ll be allowed to go home the very same day.

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