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Amazonian Healing Retreats – Temple of the Way of Light

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Deep in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest lies a traditional shamanic healing center called The Temple of the Way of Light. It is exactly two hours from Iquitos and can be reached after a one-hour walk from the nearest river. In this quiet place, you can find a safe and supportive community that will help you heal and grow.

What is the Temple of the Way of Light?

Matthew Watherston, the founder of The Temple of the Way of Light, first visited Amazon in January 2007. He saw how consumerism had destroyed the beauty and wisdom of the indigenous people in the area. Following that visit, he was driven by a vision. He wanted to open a pioneering healing community primarily dedicated to respect and preserve Amazonian culture and tradition.

The Temple of the Way of Light has two centers. One is dedicated to healing and the other focuses on permaculture, an agricultural ecosystem intended to make the center self-sufficient. It has aquaculture systems, medicinal gardens, spring-fed drinking water systems, biochar soilimprovement techniques, and solar energy for operational use of their kitchen.

It has over 100 employees, mostly coming from the surrounding villages. In addition to that, The Temple of the Way of Light also supports the local village by building a clean water source for the villagers. They also provide infrastructure maintenance and a monthly contribution for the general upkeep of the community. The temple has now become a main economic driver in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Vision of the Community

The Temple of the Way of Light operates with authenticity, integrity, and impeccability. They also fulfill their obligation to give back to the people surrounding them and the land of the Amazon. The temple’s vision is to be a successful healing center that embodies the Amazonian paradigm of healing and expansion of the human consciousness. It offers outreach programs and healing retreats that inspire self-reflection, transformation, and a new awakening in others. These retreats promote the understanding of the ancient shamanic healing practices in the Amazon.

Healing Retreats Offered

The Temple of the Way of Light offers extensive Ayahuasca retreats with male and female Shipibo healers who are dedicated to imparting the ancient healing wisdom of the Shipibo people preserving the identity of Amazonian culture in the 21st Century. These retreats come with different activities.

  • 9-Day Ayahuasca Retreats

This retreat includes attending five ceremonies under two experienced facilitators and 5-6 Shipibo healers for nine days. It offers intensely deep self-discovery activities and uses a perfect blend of the ancient shamanism of the Amazonians and the Eastern and more modern practices. It encourages self-reflection, deep processing, and contemplation. The temple also has regular floral or vapor baths, plant-spirit remedies, and organic perfumes for those who take this retreat. The 9-day Ayahuasca retreat provides the safest shamanism experience within an Amazonian environment.

  • Special 9-Day Women’s Ayahuasca Retreat

This type of retreat is no different than the one above, except for the fact that it is especially and exclusively held for women. Guests will be joining a female stall of five Shipibo teachers: Lila, Laura, Lucinda, Rosa Valera, and Elena, as well as their two facilitators, Deanna and Tanya. During these retreats, the all-female staff will create a safe healing atmosphere for everyone.

  • 12-Day Ayahuasca Retreat

The retreat covers seven ceremonies under two experienced facilitators and 5- 6 Shipibo healers. The group size is limited to 23 people. They will be provided with individual bungalows, which are spread out across the location to ensure privacy during the retreat.

  • 13-Day Ayahuasca, Yoga Meditation and Psychology of Healing Retreat

This is a combination of meditation, yoga, and a traditional Amazonian healing retreat is led by experienced teachers and Shipibo healers. It’s a comprehensive program that also features psycho-spiritual practices for effective and long-lasting processing and integration of the healing lessons.

  • 3-Week Deep Immersion Ayahuasca Retreat

This retreat equally focuses on healing and integration. It aims to give their guests the opportunity to manifest healing on a deeper and more sustained level. It has seven ceremonies within the month, giving a person more time to process their surroundings, contemplate on their thoughts, and integrate local lifestyle in their daily routine. Teachers and Shipibo healers have daily classes in meditation, yoga, art therapy, individual and group processing assemblies. The retreat is limited to 24 people who split into two groups with private accommodations given to three persons in dormitory buildings.

The Temple of the Way of Light gives visitors the freedom to decide which program they want to undertake. Some guests prefer fast healing while others prefer the steadier and gradual healing process to allow themselves to embrace the culture of the people in the Amazon. Whatever they choose, the most important thing is that guests leave the Amazon with a new and refreshed viewpoint in life.

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