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An Unconventional Treatment Route for Pregnancy Related Nausea

Treatment Route for Pregnancy

For anyone who has had a troublesome pregnancy, morning sickness can be an especially rough part of the daily routine. Whilst there are pre-existing treatment solutions for morning sickness, these are not suitable for all expectant mothers, which has lead to many researchers promoting the use of medicinal cannabis as a viable treatment route for mothers who have not found relief with pre-existing treatments.

Conventional treatments include ondansetron, metoclopramide, and promethazine. The effect of these drugs varies from person to person, but researchers are confident that certain cannabis strains can produce a constant universal effect of reducing morning sickness. Plus, side effects are common in the pre-existing treatments with many expectant mother’s experience dizzy spells, shortness of breath and tiredness. Also, metoclopramide can in some cases lead to nerve damage and even heart failure if used incorrectly. These side effects are eliminated with cannabis.

Vaping is Best

If you think that cannabis is suitable for your needs, we would recommend that you avoid smoking it. Vaping is probably the best method, although some people use edibles as a means to feel the effects of the cannabis. For those looking for a long-lasting effect, we would recommend edibles. There is the downside in that it can take 30 minutes for the effect to take hold. For quick hits, vaping is preferable.

What Strains?


Chemdawg would be my recommendation. Many users say that it can target pain quickly and directly, as well as reducing feelings of nausea. It is highly recommended however that you have built up some level of tolerance to THC before using Chemdawg, as it can be quite strong to inexperienced cannabis users. There is a unique cerebral high which you will experience when you first use Chemdawg, and you will also feel rather relaxed.

NYC Diesel

If Chemdawg doesn’t take your fancy, NYC Diesel is another fantastic strain for preventing and reducing bouts of nausea. It’s popularity in the cannabis industry at large cannot be underestimated. In fact, it has received nine Cannabis Cup awards. The high associated with NYC Diesel is quite potent, but users say that it is still suitable for use during the day. Sufferers of chronic pain have also noticed a reduction in their levels of pain when they use NYC Diesel also. It is also commonly used for stimulating appetite, so it is ideal for use by cancer patients when they are on chemotherapy.

For more information about the latest strains for morning sickness, check out this strains for morning sickness article on Cannabis.net.

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