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Anxiety: Learn How You Should Handle Stress When It Goes out of Hand

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When dealing with anxiety-related disorders, your worry or fear doesn’t go away and could escalate over time. It can affect your life to the point that it could interfere with your regular activities such as relationships, work, or school. Fear, anxiety, and depression are “average experiences and emotions” but they’re entirely different from other diagnosable difficulties like trauma- or stressor-related disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and substance-induced anxiety. When you’re dealing with stress or anxiety throughout the life, the tactics listed below would surely help you cope.

Keep on Repeating Your Fear Until You’re Familiar with It.

If you had fear of closed spaces, you’d get rid of it by facing the obstacle a million times in a row. At first, you would be anxious or stressed and eventually, it would have no effect. Thus, take the troublesome thought that’s nagging at you and repeat it over and over again. With that being said, it’s hard to keep your mind preoccupied with those things. Others call this the “boredom cure” for such obvious reasons but it sure beats the feeling of being anxious.

Don’t Resist the Madness.

You may occasionally have the thoughts that lead you to think you’ll do something terrible or that you’re going insane. Bear in mind – your mind is a creative device! Little synapses are firing away at random and every now and then, some “crazy” thoughts pop outs. Everyone has them!

Rather than judging your thoughts, describe it to yourself like it’s a curious thing on the shelf and then move on with it.

Determine What’s Right and Not.

That anxiety of your life going upside down because you made the wrong decision would never come true! That rapid heartbeat doesn’t mean you’re experiencing heart attack; it’s a natural reaction to arousal. Many sensations and thoughts that you interpret as cues for any concerns are just unnecessary noises. You’re advised to consider them as fire engine going to another place. Now that you’ve already noticed, it’s time to let go for your sake!

Turn Your Fears into Something Good.

You can let go of your fears by isolating yourself from it. One way is to visualize that all your scary thoughts are just a show! Maybe, they’re a little boy wearing a funny suit who dances and sings out your fears while you’re seated in the audience, munching on your popcorn.

Set Your Worries Aside.

Your fears show up unannounced and you stop just to resolve them – even if you should be something more important! Yet, what if it’s unnecessary to respond right away? Try setting aside 20 minutes of your time just for your worries. If you’re panicking, jot down the reason and aim to resolve it later. At the end of the day, many of your worries won’t even matter and you’ll gain a day without thinking about those things!

Don’t let your worries stop you from leading the life you want! Breathe it out!

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