Applications of laser technology


Laser cutting can be described as the technology that uses laser to cut different materials. Laser cutting is just one of the many applications of lasers. It is one of the widely used processes in different manufacturing and other industries. The applications for lasers are not just confined to manufacturing industries, it is now being used in homes, small businesses and even hobbyists. Below are some applications for laser cutting;

Fashion industry
Lasers are quickly gaining popularity in the fashion industries among the designers. They are using lasers to engrave velvet or making fancy cuts. The best part about it is that they can process about any design using laser technology. Laser cutting Dallas for single layer textiles is more effective than using a knife or scissors. Using laser to cut textiles also melts the cut edges of any material and the end result is perfectly edges.

Arts and craft
One of the areas where laser technology helps is in the arts and crafts industry. In this industry creativity and individuality matters a lot. With laser technology, you can engrave almost all designs on to almost any material. You can engrave almost anything whether a photo, logo, image or lettering, it is all possible.

Rubber stamp manufacturing
Laser engraving machines play a huge role in rubber stamp manufacturing. Laser technology helps to automate the processes which in turn reduce the production time. With a laser machine it is possible to engrave a rubber stamp within a very short time. It also makes it possible to engrave almost any design on to the rubber stamp.

Jewelry manufacture requires different materials especially precious metals and alloys. Traditionally, different methods such as etching were used to engrave. Today it has become increasingly important to have creative designs on jewelry pieces so as to personalize them. You can use laser technology on precious metals such as gold, alloys and even glass.

Laser cutting and engraving has helped the architecture industry. They are used in engraving a number of materials such as wood, cardboard, paper, foam, plastics just to mention a few. In making of models. All one has to do is draw their design on the CAD program and the laser will cut the material with maximum precision and detail. For laser cut material, there is no need for further processing. When compared to manual model making, laser cutting saves up to 80% time.

Mechanical engineering
In mechanical engineering laser marking is very important as it allows traceability even for resistant materials. Laser marking is the best because it is permanent and resistant to weather and stress influence. The fact that it can work on almost any material is an added advantage.

The practical uses of laser technology are limitless and can be used in any industry. Laser cutting can also be used in business cards, book covers greeting cards among others. You can enhance any material with unique designs and individualized engraving with the use of laser technology. The applications for laser are usually unlimited.

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