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Artificial womb and the normal birth

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Ectogenenis and Biobags

The research in the field of biotechnology is breaking all the barriers. New inventions in the field of biology are helping the mankind a lot. The discovery of the complex external womb or ectogenesis has been very much helpful for the mother who faces problem in conceiving. This particular method changed the course of fertility and human reproduction. It is also called as ‘Biobags’ that mainly acts act incubators where the babies are grown to prevent the problem he or she is facing in the uterine condition. Tests have been done with a baby lamb. And the result is very effective as the lamb after so called deliver grew to be very healthy. Thus artificial wombs or the fetus acts as the best replacement organ (artificial) for those having a problem in their uterine environment.

The scientific community and their comments on the technique

Baby born in the artificial womb need proper condition similar to that of the uterine condition. The researchers used a nutrients solution that mimics almost all sorts of chemicals that is present in the intra-uterine environment. Along with the nutrients they are also supplied with the proper temperature condition of the uterus during their incubation period in the artificial womb. Scientists believe that one day this particular technique will definitely help in the problem of preterm birth. Although some people of the scientist community still thinks the technique is no less than a science fiction, as the involvement of the mother during the gestation is the most important element s=which machine will not be able to provide.

Component of the biobags

The look of the biobags or the artificial wombs may not resemble the actual uterus but the elements inside the biobags are very much similar to that of the intra-uterine environment. The baby in the uterus remains covered in the amniotic chamber with amniotic fluid inside the chamber on which the baby floats. Here in the biobags a similar type of electrolyte solution is maintained having the same action as that of the amniotic fluid. The biobags also constitutes of the gaseous exchange property so that the baby inside can exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide properly. In the United States death for the premature growth is the leading cause behind the death of the babies. Thus scientists and biological researchers are trying to normalize the condition for the human beings so that they can stop the huge death rate of the infants.

People needing it

The woman who is very much weak in their internal condition may find a problem in their gestational phase. In fact on an average 5-10% of the woman during their gestation faces different types of complications. So those complications, might lead to defects in the babies and even miscarriage. Thus this technique is the best way to prevent those unfortunate incidents so that a mother can bring their baby safely in this world.

Cost of the procedure

However, for a baby born in artificial womb, the cost of the procedure is very high. People from all sorts’ of background won’t be able to avail this technique. So the best way is to keep yourself healthy and fit, thus the problem faced during this time will also be less.

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