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Avoiding Teeth Discoloration

Stains Teeth
close-up photo of smoking man with dirty yellow teeth

As people age, they often experience changes in their physical appearance. One of the changes they may notice is teeth discoloration. Knowing that one’s teeth are becoming unattractive shades of brown and yellow may produce a deterioration in self-confidence. Therefore, it is important to know about teeth whitening and how to prevent one’s teeth from discoloring in the first place.

Stains Teeth

close-up photo of smoking man with dirty yellow teeth

Teeth whitening is a process that can be costly. Effective treatments can cost as much as $2000. At a minimum, teeth whitening procedures can cost $500. Often, these types of procedures are not covered by dental insurance plans. Therefore, it is wise to use preventative measures to keep one’s teeth getting stained and faded.

A person who wants to avoid having to pay high teeth whitening costs should take care of their teeth as much as they can before they reach old age. The main things that stain teeth are tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. If a person is aware that they smoke or consume dark beverages often, they might want to lessen their intake of these things in order to avoid teeth discoloration.

Other causes of teeth discoloration include nerve degeneration, the intake of antibiotics, and excessive use of fluoride during one’s youth. Furthermore, dental trauma can lead to the discoloration of teeth. Aging, which often causes teeth to darken, is uncontrollable. However, expensive teeth whitening costs can be avoided by lessening the controllable actions that stain teeth

Teeth whitening procedures are no substitute for good oral care. Instead, they a cure for what might be years of abuse. It is important to remember that teeth whitening is not permanent. Many repeat visits must be made to the dentist in order to maintain the whiteness of teeth after a teeth-whitening procedure has been performed. Since multiple visits to the dentist are needed to maintain white teeth, teeth whitening costs are higher than what they appear to be.

With good dental care, one can also avoid the risks that are associated with teeth whitening. Often people opt to purchase at-home teeth whitening products. These types of whitening products are often more affordable than the bleaching processes that are performed in a dental office.

Since at-home teeth whitening is unsupervised, there are many risks. For instance, there is a possibility that over time, bleaching can break down the integrity of teeth. If the integrity of teeth becomes broken down, teeth can become more porous, and future cavities might become more likely to develop.

Bleaching that is done in a dentist’s office also has risks associated with it. For instance, the high concentration of peroxide in the bleach can affect the soft tissues of the gums causing short-lived pain and sensitivity. Furthermore, the bleach can possibly trigger an infection or a toothache if cavities are not filled properly before teeth are whitened.

The best way to avoid high teeth whitening costs is to care for your teeth by flossing and frequently brushing. The whiteness of teeth can be maintained not only by avoiding dark beverages, but also by using the popular teeth whitening toothpastes that are now on the market.

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