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Different problems in Pregnancy

Different problems in Pregnancy

Sexual Reproduction

Pregnancy attracts a lot of systemic problem present in the human female body. Already a human female physical organization is one of the most complex system in this whole living world. Pregnancy make it more and more complex to decipher each and every reason and also to treat and cure these problems for the doctors. Pregnancy is a phenomenon which occurs with the equal participation of both the male and the female. Let us know how is happen? For that we need to know what is called as the sexual reproduction. In the whole animal kingdom giving birth to the young ones is a very common principle to follow up. Some of the group of the animals lay eggs to give birth to give birth to the young ones and some especially the mammals produce rather reproduce their young ones. For the latter case the participation of both the male and the female are very much required. Although the male counterpart has the least participation in it but still it is very much crucial also. They mainly acts as the supplier of the sperm which is the genetic material, with which the period of gestation starts when it comes in contact with the female genetic material or the gamete called as the egg. Thus when these two gametes fuse together they form a zygote which remains in the body of the female for 9 long months and after those 9 months she is ready to deliver a baby of their own.

Problems in Pregnancy

Pregnancy as a whole is bound with tremendous level of complexity as well as also attracts lot of other associated disease that happens because it makes the body of the female very much vulnerable and also very much weak. There are different type of diseases that are very much common in the case of pregnancy. Doctors always prescribe heartburn medication during pregnancy as this heart burn is very much a common phenomenon. Heartburn is not a problem of the heart. Often it is mistook by that however it is actually a problem that occurs due to imperfect digestion and acidity caused by it. In the gestation period, the mothers experience certain craving for food at any time any moment. And these foods does not get digested easily enough so that it causes indigestion. And during indigestion the acid produced travel upward and is mainly felt in the chest region. Now that cause the actual burning sensation. From which the name actually came. And as it is felt in the chest region the name of the heart got added to it.

Neuro Problems

Neurological problems are also a part of the pregnancy. Many cases are found where the females experience severe neurological disorder among them.


Most common neurological problem experienced is the epilepsy and it is very much common in the pregnant woman. Epilepsy is a disease that characterized by severe shock along with the dizzy sensation and also shakiness in the appearance. The patients starts to shiver in a severe way at any time at any time any moment.


Neurological disorder after pregnancy is also a very common phenomenon seen around the patients. Although medicines are present and in some cases the patients becomes good also.

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