Eating Healthy for Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

We are what we eat, and much of how our physical appearance depends on the types of food that nourish our body. A healthy diet is important for keeping our skin glowing and looking healthy. And the good thing about a balanced diet is that it does not only make us look good but also essential for our overall health.

Early signs of aging include wrinkles, discoloration and fine lines. But this is more alarming when visible skin aging is experience even during our younger years. There are many factors that can lead to premature aging. Exposure to the sun, unhealthy lifestyle diets and toxin buildup are the fastest ways to develop wrinkles and age lines.

Vitamin C (Fruits and Vegetables)

Foods rich in vitamin C are important for skin health because they are essential for producing collagen. This keeps our skin firm and elastic. Vitamin C rich foods also contain powerful antioxidants that cleanse our body from skin damage causing free radicals.

Omega–3 (Coldwater Fish, Calamari and Squid Oil, Flaxseeds, Soybeans and Walnuts)

Omega 3 is not only known for its heart protecting properties but it could also be useful for keeping our skin looking young and healthy. They form an important barrier in our cells regulating the entry of water and nutrients while keeping harmful toxins out. It keeps the skin healthy and protects it from harmful sunrays. Studies have also shown that people who have low levels of Omega 3 have a higher risk for developing skin cancer. Omega 3 supplements are a healthy resource for this nutrient.

Vitamin E (Olive oil, Spinach, Whole grain cereals, Nuts and Seeds)

Vitamin E combined with Vitamin C can form a strong protective shield against harmful sunrays. This Vitamin is essential for healthy skin and experts’ advice that it should be taken regularly to bring out the skin’s natural shine. However, some medical research has shown that Vitamin E supplements can be dangerous. It is recommended that people take Vitamin E from natural sources and not high dose supplements.

Beta-carotene (Carrots, Mangoes, Apricots, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin)

Another powerful antioxidant that is essential for skin health is beta-carotene. This is converted in the body and is used to repair body tissues and cell growth. Beta-carotene is also extremely helpful in protecting the skin from sun damage. High doses of Vitamin A however can be toxic. People are advised to only take Vitamin A supplements upon the recommendation of their doctor.

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