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If you or a loved one are in Mississippi and are struggling with an opiate addiction, you’re not alone. In fact, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 2 million Americans were battling with an opiate addiction in 2015.

With that in mind, it’s important to know that you don’t have to fight this battle alone. It may feel lonely now, but when you find the right treatment and surround yourself with others in recovery, your life will take on a whole new meaning.

Mississippi is a fantastic place to begin your recovery, and when you have admitted to yourself that you have a problem with opiates, you’re ready to find the treatment you need to get and stay sober.

Getting Support from Loved Ones

It’s recommended that before you find a methadone clinic near you, you gather with close family and friends at the beginning of your journey. Be honest about your addiction and let them know you’re ready for a change. When you’re honest and forthcoming to your loved ones, most of the time, they’ll be right by your side fighting this journey with you.

It’s nice to have help and support from your loved ones during this trying time. It’ll also be good for those family and friends to see you and your willingness to change as it will put their mind at ease. Remember, your addiction was not only hurting you, it was also hurting everyone around you.

You and your loved ones are going to want to educate yourselves and learn more about methadone treatment in Mississippi. Methadone treatment is one of the best routes you can take that will get you off any substances you’re on and help keep you sober. Simply searching “methadone near me” can teach you everything you need to know about methadone treatment and where to go.

Methadone Clinic and Recovery

Once you’ve educated yourself on methadone treatment, it’s time to get to a clinic and get the help you deserve. Upon arrival at a methadone treatment clinic, you’ll meet with doctors who will gather information on your addiction including what you used, how much you used, and how long you were using.

It’s imperative to be completely honest with these doctors. Their job is to help you, not judge you, so please don’t be scared to tell them how much or how little you used. The doctor will be asking these questions so he or she can get you on the right dosage of Methadone.

Being on the right dose is very important for your opiate recovery. If you happen to get too little of a dose, you’ll end up feeling withdrawals and still crave the opiates you were using in the past. If you’re on too high of a dose, it defeats the purpose of recovery because you’ll feel intoxicated and unable to take on day-to-day tasks. The right dose will help you become a normal functioning productive member of society.

It may take a few days to figure out the right dosage, however. Everyone is different and reacts differently to Methadone, so if it takes a few times to get the dosage just right, don’t stress: it will all be handled in due time. Once you do get the right dose, you’ll be able to start focusing more on your recovery.

Finding support groups and therapy will be beneficial to you and your recovery in a multitude of ways. It’s highly recommended to look for local meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These meetings are open to anyone in recovery who needs an ear to listen to them. They’re great sources of information and support, providing you with everything that you may possibly need to live a life full in recovery.

Believe in Yourself

There’s no shame in looking for more help when you need it. Methadone treatment doesn’t have to be the final stop on your road to recovery. There is a plethora of therapy’s out there that provide support and a helping hand for anyone needing that little bit of extra help. As long as you’re getting better, you’re doing great.

Overall, when you start your journey to recovery, you end up learning more about yourself. You’ll have the freedom to live life as others and not be afraid you’ll start using drugs again. Mississippi is a fantastic place to begin your recovery; look for a nearby methadone treatment center and you’ll soon find a life free from opiates.

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