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Good and Bad Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone is the most common anabolic. Testosterone has many different esters, cypionate, propionate and enanthate. Some recommends to use enanthate and cypionate because it has less injections for just twice weekly. The first injection will really make you sore.

Many asks about anabolic steroids and what to expect from them?  Results that could be expected from esters is within 3 to 5 weeks. It could be gain in strength, higher  libido,  gain in weight and more aggressions. But its not as if you will kill people when you are outraged. Aggressions in terms of being agitated in things you don’t before. And people will notice the gain your weight aand some would say, “hey, you look great in gaining weight, what are you up to in your diet?” This is what you’ve been expecting isn’t it?

What would anyone expect from using this anabolics? defines that there are good and there are bad.

  • The Good
  • In muscles

Depending on experience compounds used, diet and training, its not impossible to have gained of upto 20 pounds in a 12 week cycle. Get yourself bigger is what this anabolic androgenics steroid are good at.

  • Strength

Generally, you will see a rapid results in weight when using bench, deadlift and squat. But other compounds are better in increasing strength.

  • Feeling Better

Different experience on this, some willhave their mood swings while others feels good in this.

  • Workouts awesome

Having great workouts especially when lifting as if you arrein the beast mode.

  • The Bad
  • TesticularAtrophy

Temporary shrinking of balls is a simple truth and plain about this but could be mitigated through the use of HCG. And will grow back as you start a proper cycle theraphy. You just have to remember that a smaller potatoes make the steak look bigger.

  • Puffy nipples

Most compounds will convert to estrogen in the body ( a process that is called aromatization). This can cause your nipples to get puffy and can possibly cause gyno if you did not control it because it is the excess estrogens. So, the use of aromatase inhibitor is very important here.

  • Possible Negative Mood Swings

Some people will surely experience mood swings. This is definitely experienced by all users or even some – and this is possible, especially for those that are prone to anger issues.

Just because you started a cycle you will no longer workout or will get less workout. Not that you are using steroids and you get big. Its not how it works. When in cycle you need to work out twice as hard as you would. And you ‘ll have to eat right, train right, and sleep right. Everything hasto be in order. Its the lifestyle.

Using anabolic steroid will get you to eat more so you have to control it by yourself. Getting more horny is a normal procedure but as they were saying controlling oneself and getting into the right procedures and getting a professionals advice will lead you to a good condition and health.

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