Hair extensions. Is it good for your hair?

Hair extensions

Five years ago, a friend of mine decided to have her hair extended. At that time, her hair was thin and short.

I was simply delighted with the result. Healthy, firm, smooth, thick. Naturally, the urge arose.

At that time, I had a good length of my hair and the density was nice. But the quality of the hair was terrible. I “burned” them for a very long time with lightening powders and paints. There was a great desire to cut and grow with my own color, but the desire to be a blonde with long hair won.

I read about all kinds of extensions and settled on Italian extensions (hot capsules) –

Keep in mind, the correction should be done every 3-4 months, and not every 2, as is the case with bands.

The capsules are very small, and you can do all the manipulations and hairstyles with them, which again cannot be compared to ribbons.

If we compare the braids, these are several times fewer than those in the capsule.

The capsules can be arranged in the desired order on the head and in dot to block bald patches or to correct the hairstyle (for example, to create unsuccessful cut bangs).

At the end, according to statistics, one in two girls with hair extensions does the Italian extension.

I was lucky with my master. I explained to her that I wanted to have smooth, silky, long hair.

My own hair was contoured as smoothly as possible (it looked like a long, thin rat tail), the master refused to cut it completely, as a sharp transition would be visible.

Either way, she insisted on taking care of my hair, and my cardinal decision to cut it didn’t support her. And it’s good. Why cut, if I didn’t grow my color, and in the future I didn’t finish experimenting with paints, which meant I kept burning my hair.

I was more than happy with the result. On the first day, it was very unusual to sleep and sit in the car, leaning against the headrest. I can’t describe the feeling. Usually a little discomfort. In total, after extension for the first 3 days, hair extensions appear sparse.. After two washes, the silicone leaves and the hair is soft.

As I read online, you cannot use oils, balms and other cosmetics with an oily or slippery consistency after the build-up, otherwise the strands may slip off. And I strictly followed this rule for a whole month. And then I thought, I’m not going to walk with coarse hair. During 5 years I changed a bunch of balms and nothing happened with any of them.

I was lucky with the master and initially I fell into the hands of the pros. She didn’t agree to cut all of my hair, although in fact she shouldn’t care. She added 80 strands to me, although I was counting on a large amount and asked to increase it thicker, but the master, despite the fact that it was his money, said no, that’s enough for you, why pay extra and drop capsules anywhere, especially at first, first get used to 80, next time we will see.

My master has a large number of real photos, she is engaged in training, and she had 2 friends of mine, having received the perfect result.

The master must be chosen carefully. Almost everyone is looking at the cost. But you have to understand that not everyone who claims to be a master receives a certificate. For example there is only one master in my town who really understands and his studio is always full of clients.

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