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Health Benefits of MCT Oil- Is It Better than Coconut Oil?


The Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is a pharmaceutical form of fat that is found in a variety of oils and milk products. One of the most popular and significant sources of MCT is the regular coconut oil. MCT is often hence known as the pharmaceutical grade coconut oil. This oil has a number of health benefits and is used in immune stimulating and enhancing products. They are often used alongside CBD (Cannabidiol) as additional health products. The MCT has a vast array of benefits that can be availed by the consumer of the products. They can help in the loss of weight and that too in a sober manner. During the process of weight loss there cannot be a number of side effects, but when the weight loss is made through the MCT oil, there is hardly any or no side effects.

They also help in enhancing the memory and brain power. The MCT or pharmaceutical grade coconut oil is often called the brain octane oil. There are many ways that the MCT oil is much more beneficial than the coconut oil for the health-related aspects. The MCT has an array of health benefits. MCT can also be found in the palm kernel oil which has a high content of MCT as well. MCT is different from other types of fats which are generally the long-chain fatty acids. The MCT is made of fewer carbons and is possessed by the body in a different way than the other forms of fats. The calories of the MCT oils are used up right away, and this principle of the ketogenic diet helps you to lose weight through MCT oils.

Health Benefits of MCT Oils

  1. Better functioning of Brain and Improved Memory Power – The MCT oil helps in enhancing your brain activity. The memory power of your mind is bettered, and you can benefit a lot from this function of the MCT oil. The oils have a robust impact on your brain and enhance the functioning of the brain.
  1. Increased Endurance and Boost of Energy – The MCT oil helps in boosting your energy. You can develop strength from the MCT oil and keep your health intact. For people who get tired quickly and can’t work for long hours, this is an essential aspect of the MCT oil.
  1. Weight Management and Weight Loss – The MCT oil helps in burning your cholesterol levels and as a result, assists in managing your weight. The fats in the oil are consumed immediately and also help in the burn up of the other fatty acids in the body.
  1. Lowers Cholesterol Levels of the Body – These MCT oil help in the managing of the cholesterol level of the body. They are different types of fats that help burn up the existing cholesterols and also don’t accumulate in the body themselves. The cholesterol levels, when lowered in your body, can be beneficial for the user of the MCT.
  1. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels – The MCT oils also lower the blood sugar levels in your blood. This feature along with the aspect of better energy levels makes your body healthier and keeps you active. There is no fear of your sugar levels rising as long as you take a regular and proper dose of the MCT oil.
  1. Helps in The Use of Fats for Energy Generation – MCT oil uses the excess fats in your body and provides energy in your body out of it. It is like a win-win situation for both sides. The MCT avails you with the burning up of the fats in the first place and then again the energy produced is availed to your body and boosts your physical strength.
  1. Fights Yeast and Bacterial Growth in the Body – The MCT oil is a form of fatty acid, and this acid kills the yeast and bacteria from growing within the body. As a result, the health is bettered by the use of MCT. The bacteria and yeast are sensitive to acidic environments, and the fatty acid helps in keeping their infestations at bay. As a result, the MCT oil keeps your body immune from harms and internal diseases. The MCT oil consumption betters the immunity system.
  1. Stimulates the Hunger Hormones for the Underweight People – One significant benefit for the people who are underweight is that MCT stimulates your hunger hormones and that will help you consume more than your regular appetite. This will help you get back on track with your weight proportion.

These are the various benefits that can be availed from the use of MCT on a regular basis. The MCT oils are hence proved to be much more beneficial than the regular coconut oils. There are a better immune system and healthy brain and body through the continued use of MCT oils.

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