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Healthy Strategies to Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Do you have twisted blue veins on your skin? Do you experience discomfort along the ropy veins? You could suffer from varicose veins if you answer yes to those questions. This condition occurs when your vein valves are not functioning optimally. Consequently, poor oxygen blood will accumulate in your veins, especially your legs. When left untreated, the varicose vein can cause difficulties when walking, thus restraining you from living fully. The good news is that Tinley Park vein care services can help you treat damaged veins and restore the quality of your life. Keep reading this article to understand ways to prevent varicose veins.

Maintain Healthy Weight

There exists a high correlation between obesity and varicose vein onset. Notably, the excessive weight adds a greater force to the leg veins. Over time, this pressure can damage the valves in your veins. Therefore, you should shed off an extra pound if your body mass index is twenty-five or greater. Talk with your healthcare provider about implementing healthy eating habits to keep your weight healthy.

Interrupt Prolonged Sitting

Some occupations, such as office work, necessitate staff to sit for long hours. Notably, keeping your calf muscles inactive can weaken the vein walls. This instance will cause blood build-up in the lower extremities, triggering increased venous pressure. Fortunately, you can minimize this risk by taking short breaks and moving around. Similarly, if you stand for a long time, you should consider sitting down for a while.

Wear Comfy Outfits

Your obsession with fashions should never expose you to the varicose vein. The tight-fitting clothes can compress the veins along your waist, making the leg veins work hard to pump blood to the heart. Instead, you should wear loose fittings to facilitate proper blood circulation. Also, it would help to avoid high heels since they can increase the progression of bulging veins.

Quit Smoking

Another reason to stop smoking is to prevent varicose veins. Cigarette chemicals can relax the vein walls, thus interfering with the functioning of one-way valves. Smoking is also known to increase blood pressure which would aggravate varicose veins. Take the necessary step to quit this lethal habit to keep your veins healthy. If you experience difficulties stopping the habit, you should seek professional help.

Wear Compression Socks

Individuals from a family with a history of the varicose vein are more predisposed to this condition. If you fall in the risk bracket, wear compression socks. These essential garments will aid your leg veins in pumping blood to your heart. The over-the-counter compression socks may not always suit your needs. Therefore, you should contact your doctor for the right prescriptions before getting these garments.

The varicose vein is one of the leading vein concerns. These twisted blue veins not only hinder skin texture but also trigger discomfort in your skin. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to lower your chances of getting this condition. You should shed extra pounds if you are overweight to avoid leg vein damage. Interrupting the long standing or sitting sessions is recommendable to keep your calf muscles active. However, if you notice bulging veins on your skin, you should never ignore them. Seek the necessary vein treatment to restore the quality of your life.

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