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Here’s why horsegram soup is considered to be healthy


Horsegram is a crop that is being consumed in India from a very long time. This crop originally grows in the South Eastern part of the Asian subcontinent. This legume has been identified as one of the potential food source in India. It is a protein rich lentil and is very much high powered. Since the race horse are fed with this gram so they are referred to as horse gram.

If you are interested to add some nutritional value to your food then you can make a horse gram soup and consume it. There are a number of benefits of horse gram soup and given below is a list of its benefits:

  • It is a rich source of anti-oxidants.
  • It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
  • It is also anti hyperglycemic

This nutritional soup is quite effective in treating a number of health conditions like ulcers, kidney stones, heart diseases, urinary discharge, asthma, jaundice, cold, bronchitis and leucoderma. The horsegram soup has a very high content of calcium, protein and iron. It is also high in carbohydrate content and low in fat content. It has a low content of sodium and lipid and also has slow digestible starch and this makes it ideal for the patients who are suffering from diabetes and obesity.

The unprocessed raw horse gram also reduces the blood sugar and also reduces the resistance of insulin. It also helps in slowing down the carbohydrate digestion. It is in fact considered to be a diabetic friendly food. If you want to make horse gram soup then you can go through the recipe given below:

  • You first need to keep the horse gram seed soaked in water overnight. Then you need to boil it in the pressure cooker till it turns soft.
  • After this you can keep the water that has been used for boiling in a separate place
  • You need to then grind the cumin, the pepper seeds and the dry roasted mustard seeds.
  • Then you need to mash the horse gram seed which is half cooked
  • Then in a pan you need to shallow fry the curry leaves and then add the roasted powders, tamarind paste, salt and smashed horsegram
  • Then you need to add water and make sure that the gravy is not very thick
  • Then add the rest of the horse gram and mix

Dr. Naram understands the health benefits of the horsegram soup and recommends people to add it as a part of their diet. This will help them to get a healthy mind and body. This reputed doctor has been treating patients for a very long time and ensures that his patients receive the best treatment at the most equitable price.

Pankaj Naram is a well-known doctor who treats his patients using the ancient healing techniques. This helps the patients to get the treatment without any side effects. He has been able to treat a number of patients and have been able to provide them with an exceptionally good health.


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