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How To Avoid ‘Spitback’?


Spitback or a vape spitting are the drops of e-liquid, that shoot from the coil making a distinctive sound. The e-juice is collected on the coil, but instead of evaporating, it starts boiling. Sometimes hot drops of e-juice may enter one’s mouth and that may be really annoying. Substantially, this can happen when you’ve added more liquid than needed, but other cases are also possible. has compiled a list of 7 reasons for spitback and tips on avoiding that. Also, you’ll find in the article information on how to buy vape online UK, high-quality e-liquid or parts for your vape device.

1. Power up
The power on your device may be very low and, as a result, the coil is not heated sufficiently fast, preventing the e-liquid to evaporate as fast as it comes from the wick. The solution is an increase in the capacity by 5-10 W. The method is applicable only on variable wattage/voltage devices. When the gurgling and spitting stops, you can go back to your normal wattage. Not under any condition exceed manufacturer’s recommended wattage settings.

2. Too much e-juice
A flooded coil may cause a spitback. The solving of the problem is quite simple — you just need time to adjust the coil. You may succeed not at the first attempt, but then the ‘golden mean’ will certainly be found: the wick will be saturated just enough.

3. The cotton is loose
If an RTA is used, the spitback may be caused by the amount of cotton. If the cotton enters the coil not tight, the coil won’t be able to evaporate the e-liquid properly, and it may cause the specific sound of boiling. There is a big space between the tank and the coils and as a result, a lot of e-liquid gets in the chamber. The solution is here to make the cotton tighter.

4. Don’t be extravagant

The zipper as well as other complex coils look very cool, but because of their complicated structure, they often cause hot splashes. The best advice here is to opt for the more modest spirals. They get their job done well.

  1. A failing or defective coil
    A coil may be just worn out and needs to be replaced by a new one. If you’ve built your own coil, check if the heating is evenly and uniformly and there is no dead spot in it. Maybe, it’s time to build a new coil or just make sure you have enough wick.
  2. Check O-rings and contacts

The leaking can occur internal in the atomizer itself. A worn out or defective O-ring may allow excess vape juice to soak into the atomizer. Check that and replace the O-rings if you are having persistent flooding even with new installed coils. Another moment that might cause the problem is that the atomizer is not getting sufficient power from the battery to heat properly because the contacts are bad. Check if the coils are secure and the contacts are connected. Once in a while, swab and clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Too thin E-liquid

Vaping a PG e-juice with an atomizer featuring resistance less than 1.0 ohm will lead to spitting. Select the vape liquid right, use a high VG e-liquid for sub ohm and temperature control vaping.

Now you are forearmed for fighting back against any vape spitting. Come to visit blog, where the most frequent vaping problems are highlighted. Best vape discounts UK are on the Vawoo vape marketplace. The giants of vaping industry are gathered together to offer you the greatest service.

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