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How to Deal with High Cholesterol

high cholesterol and your risk for heart disease

High Cholesterol

Your body needs the energy to operate all the activities that you conduct in a day. It would help if you also had the energy to maintain the usual body processes that occur without your knowledge. Your body needs to maintain a standard body temperature that involves the regulation of various factors; energy is consumed in the process. The energy needs depend on the unique features of each individual and the activities they perform. The body provides energy through storing food consumed in the form of fats. The body then converts the fats to energy based on the needs of the body. You may have a condition that makes the ability to control the fats stored in your body uncontrollable. You may also overeat and make the body store excess fats that become harmful to the body. It would help if you found ways to balance the fats in your body to avoid complications associated with excess fats. You can visit our family medicine physician in Lutz, FL, for more information on how to overcome high cholesterol in your body.

Eat Healthily

The best way to reduce cholesterol in your body is to take foods that have low levels of that type of fat. The body requires lipids, but certain types of fats prove more harmful to the body. You can reduce your intake of red meat and whole milk products with high-fat content. Use healthy vegetable oils while cooking and avoid using excess fat in your cooking process. You can then increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables while reducing sugar intake. You can also visit your physician for consultation on the best meals to take for a healthy heart.

Exercise Your body

You may have excess cholesterol in the body that poses a danger to your health by exposing you to heart diseases and blood pressure. Engaging in physical exercise helps to consume excess fats in the body by increasing your metabolic rate and consuming energies due to increased activity. Burning the excess cholesterol coupled with reduced intake helps to maintain a healthy body. However, you should consult a doctor to help establish a balanced work out routine that you can sustain and see results for a long time.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking causes many health complications, including high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure in your blood vessels coupled with high cholesterol, you have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Smoking also reduces the levels of the right cholesterol type in your body and makes you reduce unwanted cholesterol. It would help if you also watched out for secondary smoking, since you may not smoke, exposure to smokers makes you a secondary smoker. Health effects to a secondary smoker may prove higher than that of a primary smoker.

Lose Excess Weight

Obesity is one of the signs that you have high cholesterol in your body. The excess cholesterol moves to the heart and blood vessels. When the fat surrounds the heart, it absorbs the energy used to pump blood and may cause your heart to pump less blood and fail at any time. It also accumulates outside and inside the blood vessels, making it difficult to pump blood. It narrows the blood vessels, and if coupled with high blood pressure, it may cause a rupture of the blood vessels. These result in organ damage such as heart failure from ruptured heart blood vessels.

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