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How to find the best centres for mri in Mumbai?

Detailing on MRI Scan

Detailing on MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, popularly called as MRI is a popular medical imaging technique used by the radiology department in the medical hospitals to detect the anatomical deformations or any anomalies in the physiological processes of the body. It derives its name from the use of strong magnetic fields or magnetic field gradients to generate the images of various organs of the body and has hence found a wide application in the medical industry of today’s time. It is considered to be safer than X-rays where ionising radiations are used, and therefore they might show side effects on the body. With this, the article discusses further the technique and even highlights the centres of mri in Mumbai.

The principle of usage

The MRI scanner or machine consists of a tube surrounded by a giant circular magnet around it. The patient is then placed in an adjustable bed which is placed inside of the magnet, and hence the magnet starts producing the magnetic field, which aligns the present protons of hydrogen with the beam of radio waves and produces signals that can be detected by the MRI scanner. These signals are then irradiated over the required portion of the body, and the images for the same are produced in the computers as the output version. Hence, not only is the result accurate, but also the images are finely resolved and can detect the minor changes easily. Certain materials like gadolinium are also used for increasing the accuracy of these images and present clearer reports.

The areas of applications

The following are the major areas of applications of MRI in the medical industry: –

  • Used in cases of severe accidents or haemorrhage detection in the brain or other parts of the head due to trauma
  • Used for detection of tumours or additional cancerous growth in the brain and its associative tissues
  • Generation of images of the higher definition of the heart and aorta and can hence detect any tears or aneurysms in the same
  • Offers accurate information on the functioning of different body glands, organs, soft tissues, joints and bones before and after any surgery
  • Used majorly for cancer patients where the ionised radiations of X-rays cannot be used due to an enhanced risk of the spread by them

Finding of the centres in Mumbai

There are more than 100 MRI centres in Mumbai, with a large number of reputed ones located in the circles of Andheri, Bandra and BKC. The prices of the MRI scan in these areas is quite low with the base discount price starting from INR 4000, and the patient distribution is quite reasonable in terms of the other centres across the other portions of Mumbai. With the perfect patient distribution in these regions, it is highly recommended to refer those as the radiologists can offer more time per patient to analyse the reports and thus suggest the further course of action in serious cases. Apart from this, there are certain other factors also that need to be considered before going for any MRI centre.

The other factors

The following are some of the crucial factors to select the best mri scan centre in Mumbai: –

  • The type of MRI scanner technology used in the centre, such that it uses the magnetic field of the required strength as recommended by the doctor before going for the scan
  • The number of hospital recommendations held by the centre that can speak in much better about the overall quality of the services rendered by the centre
  • The type of protocols and pre-scan techniques used by the hospital to prevent any side-effects in cases of very critical patients
  • The qualifications and profiles of the radiologists present in the area, to check if they hold the requisite and authentic ones and hence have a clear idea on the entire technology
  • The time taken by the clinic to present the reports and how better does it deal with the emergency cases of the patients
  • The overall cost of the services that indicate the clear breakup of prices and does not involve any hidden charges in the same
  • More preference to the centres that offer 24*7 hours operational services and hence can be easily referred at the times of emergencies

Thus, to have a proper and best scan, it is highly recommended to go for the best, and the parameters mentioned above can aid in the same.

The risks and side effects

MRI is a painless procedure as it does not involve any use of ionising radiations that can prove out to be dangerous for certain patients. So, it does not have any indicated or reported risks and side effects per se. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before going for it, and the following are some of those: –

  • Patients with any metallic fillings inside the body need to inform prior hand, as these objects tend to distort the normal results offered by the scans.
  • Patients using implants in the critical regions like heart or eyeballs are not recommended to go for the scan because of the risks of distortion or displacement that the field can cause.
  • Patients with signs of claustrophobia or any other closed room sickness should inform prior hand so that the necessary arrangements can be done.

Ones not recommended

MRI scan is highly not recommended for the pregnant ladies, patients with recent surgical operations and the ones using pacemakers or other implants at critical locations of the body. Despite not using any ionising radiation, the field can cause the relocation of these and hence cause undesired effects.

Thus, all in one MRI scan is a better option for anatomical detections compared to other means like X-rays or CT scan. So to get the best results out of it, one must select the best centre that offers the required levels of patient convenience, get all of the advice and recommendations from the doctor before going for the test and ensure that he or she does not fall in the risky category.

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