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How to Make Sure you are Getting Value for Money When Hiring a Personal Trainer

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Hiring a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you ever make when trying to get fit and healthy. Having a dedicated fitness expert on your side offers invaluable support and expertise when creating the best workout strategy for you, overcoming physical and mental roadblocks, and achieving the results you’ve been chasing. So, you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your personal trainer. Here’s how to make sure you are getting value for your money when hiring a personal trainer.

Track Your Progress – and Make Sure Your Personal Trainer Does Too

Tracking your progress is one of the most important things you can do. You need to assess how your routine has affected you and if it’s working. Then it’s also important for your personal fitness trainer to keep track of your progress. That way, they can come up with better strategies for you in the future and identify any problem areas. This gives you something to work on in the future and ensures you’re getting the most for your money.

Make Sure They are Doing Their Job – Are They a Motivational Coach or a Rented Friend?

You don’t want to stick with a personal trainer that is more focused on hanging out than working out. You need a personal trainer that is willing to push you forward and motivate you to continue. You want to have a good relationship with your trainer, but not at the expense of your results. Is your trainer being more of a friend? If so, it might be time to move on.

Ask About Nutrition

A good personal trainer can help with more than just training. These are people who are dedicated to their own fitness and health as well as yours. They can help you find a healthy meal plan that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals. Some personal trainers also take nutrition courses so they can provide you with the additional healthy eating knowledge you need. So, be sure to ask your personal trainer about nutrition! You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but a good diet can give you even better results. Get the most out of your sessions and your hard work by taking care of yourself at home and asking your trainer about nutrition.

Look for Cost-Saving Opportunities Like Bringing a Friend for a Discount

Personal trainers often offer a few different money saving options for training. One of the most common is being able to bring a friend along for a discounted rate. They may also offer package discounts if you pay for multiple sessions at once. Outside of that, there are some other cost-saving opportunities to explore. Don’t be afraid to ask for about any discounts they offer to see what is available.

Don’t Spend Time on Chit-Chat; You’re Paying For Their Time to Train You

Don’t forget that you are handing over your money for training. You’re paying for the trainer to push you to new physical heights. You aren’t there just to have a friendly chat with them. During your training session, you need to focus on working out and following their instructions so you can achieve your goals. If you find you’re spending more time chatting than working out, discuss this with your personal trainer to refocus.

Show up on Time

Arriving late to a personal training session isn’t just rude, it also wastes your money. If you pay for an hour-long session, then you want to be there for the whole hour. The trainer can’t always give you a little longer because you came in late, they may have other clients booked directly following your session. They are on as much of a schedule as you are. Arrive on time to your sessions with everything you need so that you can get started and have a powerful and effective training session.

Be in your Best Form and get Lots of Sleep

The better your condition when training, the harder you can push yourself and the better the results you get. Don’t show up to a training session tired and hungry. Get lots of rest before training and be in the best form possible when you get to the gym. Eat your pre-workout meals, get a good night’s sleep, warm up properly and maintain proper form during the workout too. Sleep is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of exercising and staying fit. Yet, how can you expect to work out if you don’t have the energy for it?

Don’t Say “I Can’t” Before Trying It

Your personal trainer will likely ask you to do something you feel you can’t. What’s important is that you’re at least willing to try. You might not realise how far you’ve come and what you are capable of. A good personal fitness trainer knows when the time comes to push you that little bit further and ensure you get the most from your sessions. If you never do anything new, you’ll be bored during your sessions and you won’t see the results you want either. Trust your trainer, and try out what they ask you to. Who knows? You might even surprise yourself!

Make the Most Out of Your Personal Training

Personal training is an investment. Treat it like you would any other. Work hard with your personal trainer and don’t waste too much time talking about unrelated things. It’s good to have a rapport with a trainer, but don’t let it get in the way of your progress. Listen to your trainer’s advice about nutrition and your goals, and make sure both of you are keeping track of your progress. Show up to your sessions on time and well-rested. Knowing you’ll be getting good value for money will help you make the important decision to hire a personal trainer in the first place. See what a personal trainer can do for you and take your training to the next level.

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